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HOPin Academy Frist Cohort Incubation Application Form
The HOPin Academy Entrepreneurship Incubator is a platform created to train, coach, mentor, guide, and network the youth to be able to start their own small businesses or (social) projects which will create livelihood for themselves and their families. With the mind of the young person focused on starting, we provide the space, the human resource, the technical support, the training, the coaching and possible networking to be able to start professionally and also guide them during this period in the incubator to help them either gain the capacity to carry on the task of developing themselves and their businesses or becoming very competitive in the job market.

 - Applicants must be based in Tamale (at least for the period of Incubation and at the start of "Ecosystem Support")

 - Applicants must present an existing product/service or Prototype or Minimum viable product (mvp) or Product concept
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