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Academy of Best Practices 2019
It is an exciting time to be in math education right now. With the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice at the forefront of the push for real change in how we teach math, and research from Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler changing people’s mindsets on how we learn, the future looks grand!

Sadly, many people who begin in the field of education do not stick around. With an exhausting workload, and little support and pay, teachers typically leave the profession within five years. We want to change that. We cannot do much about the pay or workload, but we can help with the support. We are looking for teachers who are new to the profession (one to five years) and are seeking supportive opportunities to foster their own pedagogical learning and leadership development.

By bringing together a small group of motivated new teachers with exceptional mentors from across the country, we begin the networking process needed to foster the development of the next generation of math education leaders. As a participant you will be discussing the issues of today. What does a student-centered, problem-based math classroom look like? How is questioning an effective tool for formative assessment? What sorts of questions elicit the most discussion in teams? How can I make the Standards for Mathematical Practice flow seamlessly through my lessons? How can I maximize my students’ learning in my classroom?

If you would like to ignite your passion for teaching, please apply. The workshop meets daily from 8:30 - 5:00, with nightly homework of reading and mathematics.

This Academy of Best Practices is sponsored by CPM Educational Program who will cover the cost of your travel to and from Seattle, WA, and the room and meals at Seattle Pacific University, our home-base for this adventure. Participants will receive a $500 stipend, and will have the option of earning graduate credit. Space is limited, and the application process will be thorough.

This application has three parts. Please be sure to complete all three parts to be considered for the academy.

Applications and references are due by May 1, 2019 and participants will be notified by May 31, 2019.

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9. How will you take on a leadership role and share what you have learned with other teachers? *
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Knowledge of Teaching
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Application, Part 2
Note: please check with your references periodically to ensure they have written AND SENT your reference. In the past, we have had to disqualify applicants for incomplete applications when they did not have references submitted.
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Application, Part 3
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