Super Smash Flash 2 Dev Team Application

Polygon: "There's a low-fi pixel art aesthetic and a sense of freedom that makes Super Smash Flash 2 more appealing to me than the real thing."
Smashboards: "[...] it truly feels like Smash Brothers - no easy feat considering the game and its engine were made from scratch."


Hi there! Would you like to join the Super Smash Flash 2 Developers? Well you've come to the right place!

We are always looking for new talent to make a timely release possible. Constraints in the number of active developers means that a release will take longer and longer. We are coming towards the end of development and having new talent is a necessity to be able to make it through the home stretch with all of the content we have planned intact. All departments are in need of your assistance and your talent, and if you know anyone else that can help us, we ask that you refer them here as well.

Together, our goal is not only to make the best Super Smash Bros. fangame... but to make the biggest, best, and most content-rich Flash game in the world, and we're already more than halfway there!

NOTE: Please do not use this form to submit content requests. They cannot be responded to through this form.


What's in it for you?
You'll receive quite a few perks...

- An "SSF2 Dev" tag on our forums
- The awesome, resume-building experience of having worked on one of the biggest games on the internet
- The exposure of your raw talent and your name to not only team members, but the tens of thousands of people who play SSF2
- The option/ability to travel with us and attend assorted events around the world!
- If you do choose to travel to an event, you get a pretty cool t-shirt. Not gonna lie.
- The ability to carve and shape the future of the game
- The ability to work with the team on our next endeavors

And last, but not least...
- Possibly some exclusives... We'll talk more about that when you're on the team ;)


PLEASE NOTE: At this time we cannot accept applicants for Playtesting or Music Creation departments, and thus have closed the ability to apply to these departments. Please check back later.

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