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Balanced Man Scholarship Application
This is the application form for the Balanced Man Scholarship provided by the Michigan Kappa Chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at Grand Vally State University. Applying to this scholarship in no way obligates you to join the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Recipients of the award are not required to join the organization. Please answer all required questions to the best of your ability. By submitting this form, you affirm that all information within is accurate to the best of your knowledge as of the time of submission.

We ask that you direct your questions to Joseph Amorós at or (616)-370-1150. Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the scholarship, Sigma Phi Epsilon, or Grand Vally State University; feel free to email, call, or text at any time.

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.

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