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Library Staff Only - Patron Issue Reporting Form
Please use this form to report Access Services issues affecting library users. This includes barcode anomalies, incorrect patron data in Aleph, duplicate records, missing records, billing and account disputes, claims returned incidents, community borrower issues and other possible problems that might arise while providing service at the Library Services Main Desk.

This form is NOT for behavioral issues or policy violations. Those must be reported directly to Access Services & Resource Sharing staff, Library Administration, or in extreme cases University Police immediately when they occur.

All problem reports will be reviewed by Amanda Bena or another member of the Access Services & Resource Sharing staff and responded to accordingly.

If a patron wishes to receive a staff member's contact information to follow-up, please give them Amanda's contact email address and office telephone number.
Staff Member Name *
Patron First Name *
Patron Last Name *
Method of Contact *
Patron Email Address *
Patron Telephone Number *
FSU ID Number on FSU ID Card (7 digits)
Library Barcode Number on FSU ID Card (14 digits)
FSU ID Number in Aleph (7 digits)
Library Barcode Number in Aleph (14 digits)
Description of Problem *
Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue. The more information we have, the higher the likelihood that it can be resolved quickly.
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