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UM Big Year 2015: Registration for Birders
UM Big Year is a yearlong race to record the biggest number of bird species in UM. After registering, you will be sent your Birder ID and an online form for recording species. Feel free to join the workshops and birdwatching sessions that we will organise throughout 2015, or take part by recording your sightings from your solo sessions - it's up to you!

1. Any recording of bird spotted is acceptable as long as it is wild, free and within the UM campus.
2. Recording can either visual or by ear as long as you identify it correctly.
3. If you spot a bird and cannot identify it, you can always record as many details possible and share with UM Big Year Facebook page or The data may include voice recording, physical description, size, colour, spotting time and date, place et cetera. It is highly encouraged that you confirm the species before submitting your record.
4. Domesticated, encaged, or dead bird records cannot be included as a record.
5. Subspecies can be counted as more than one bird, e.g. Javan starling and common starling are two species.
6. UM Big Year follows an honour system, i.e. no one will check or validate your record.
7. Please follow bird ethics, i.e. keeping the natural habitat as it was before, no making of false calls and no disturbing of eggs or nest.

Happy Birding!
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Did you know: UM Big Year has a Whatsapp group for everyone to share birdwatching locations LIVE, so everyone gets a chance to see rare or interesting birds.
You will be automatically added to the group, which you will be able to leave any time. In the event you don't want to join the group, please indicate below.
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