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Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women Interview
Hello, and thanks again for being willing to be interviewed for my Breadwinning, Six Figure, and/or Millionaire Moms/Women series! I’m hoping this series will help inspire other women, especially moms, and show that it’s possible to be a success at work and still be an amazing woman (and mom).

Please write a paragraph or two in response to the questions, and provide me any pictures you’d like me to use. Readers love the personal touch pictures provide! If you don’t provide pictures, no problem - I’ll find a generic one online to use with the story.

I’ve listed the questions below, along with the instructions on how they should be answered (in parenthesis next to the question). If there’s a question that’s not clear, please let me know!

Once the interview is up on the site, I’ll send you an e-mail and tag you on Twitter (if applicable) so you can share with your friends. Thanks again for being willing to be part of inspiring other women – and moms – to be successful.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at and I’m happy to help.

Thanks again! – Liz, AKA CMO

Email address *
Tell us about yourself! (please describe what you do for work, what’s your family situation, your hobbies, where you’re from, etc. Give the readers an idea of who you are) *
Let’s get some details – how much money do you make, and how long did it take you to get there? And are you a millionaire or are you on the way? (this can be an approximation, no need to be exact. You can also give a range of salary or be a bit vague in response to the net worth question, depending on your comfort level) *
How did you get started in the workforce? (please describe how you got started in your career) *
How did you get from where you started to where you are now? (please describe your career trajectory, including any interesting twists and turns) *
Where do you want to go in your career – and your financial life? (please describe where you want to be in your career, or life. If you’re pursuing financial independence or FIRE, financial independence and early retirement, be sure to mention it here) *
What’s the biggest challenge in being a breadwinning woman/mom? What’s the best part? (This question is optional in case you are not the breadwinner)
Becoming a millionaire is a dream of many people. How did you get there? (This question is optional in case you are not a millionaire
What do you see as the key to earning such a high salary? (This question is optional in case you are not a six figure earner)
Have you ever experienced issues in the workforce because you’re a woman? What did you do in response? (describe any issues you may have encountered over the years. For example, I’ve had bosses that assume I don’t want to travel because I have kids, but they don’t make the same assumption about my male coworkers with kids. Ugh!) *
Chief Mom Officer is primarily a personal finance blog – tell us about your saving and investment strategy (please describe your current big financial goals, along with your overall saving and investment strategy. If personal finance is a hobby of yours, like me, tell a brief story about how you got interested in the subject. Do you invest in index funds, a company 401k, real estate, etc.? Again, you can be as specific or as vague as you feel comfortable here) *
What’s the top three pieces of advice you’d have for someone just starting out in the workforce, struggling with their career, or just looking to improve how they handle their money? (Here you can either list three pieces of advice total, or three per question) *
Where can people connect with you? (please provide link to your blog, Twitter handle, Facebook page, e-mail, or wherever else a reader can find you. Leave blank if you wish to be anonymous)
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