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9th ABSL Conference
Call for papers form
We invite you to place your proposal for a presentation, workshop/interactive session addressing one of the following themes:


Advanced technology is ubiquitous today, it affects all spheres of our everyday life. Digital transformation - understood as a completely new way of thinking about business, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology - it is not the future, it is the presence. Topics covered under the ‘Technology’ block will include:

· Artificial Intelligence: How is AI transforming business services? Practical examples followed by cost-benefit analysis
(customer experience, repurposing of staff, costs of implementation/maintenance).
· Digital Communication Channels: How does technology change the way we communicate and what is the impact on
BSS? Direct and indirect implications.
· Blockchain: What is blockchain and how it will affect the industry? Practical applications from and around BSS required.
· New technologies in non-BSS sector: Hands-on example of high-tech solutions/products. Purpose is to open the eyes of
audience to how advanced technology is.


People are always behind business, markets and technologies. The world is changing and so is the talent landscape. Attracting and retaining new generation of employees - these are the challenges that organizations face today. In the ‘People’ section we will focus on such issues as:

· HR Tech: How can we use data and insights better for Talent Management - HR data analytics for dummies (Predictive
analytics? Can we foresee the future?)
· Leadership: "Touchless” management - are self-managed teams the answer to effective leadership and enhanced
· D&I: How to close the gap and ensure effective search for the whole available talent pool?

Business & Markets

In the rapidly changing world, global trends are quickly reflected in what is happening on local markets. What are the most important factors shaping business? What opportunities and challenges are we facing? In the ‘Business & Market’ section we will try to find answers to these - and not only - questions, focusing on issues like:

· Investment climate - Key forces determining country and city competitiveness. 360 view.
· Responsible business & business ethics - Making a difference will soon become a key point of differentiation. Being
responsible – what does it mean to business today?
· Business models transformation & innovation - How technology is changing the way we should think about business

If you would like to contribute to the agenda and/or recommend speaker, please submit your proposal via the form below.

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We are waiting for your inputs till 08.04.2018. After we receive your presentation proposal, it moves to the evaluation step. Once your proposal is accepted, we will contact you to discuss the details and walk you through the registration process.
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