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Serving with Yoga Activist
Thanks for considering joining us! We hope you'll join the Yoga Activist internship program which includes unlimited yoga and working with yoga studios including Yoga District and other yoga community members. Please share a bit about yourself and questions you have. We'll reach out to chat or text soon!
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Please share your name and pronoun preferences *
Please share a mobile number at which you can receive texts, if any. *
Why would you like to serve with us? Please share any relevant life experiences, yoga experience, professional experience, etc. 
As part of their educational experience, volunteers are offered free classes at Yoga District studios and online. They are also offered reduced-fee teacher training that may be entirely free if combined with a qualifying scholarship. Are you interested in teacher training?
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How do you connect with our mission to foster accessible and inclusive yoga for all? 

Also, would you agree to these statements if accepted as a volunteer with us?

1. I celebrate diversity and want to uphold a welcoming environment for all.

2. I understand that Yoga Activist / Yoga District has a no-tolerance sexual harassment policy, and we don't allow volunteers or staff to proposition anyone in the space in any way.

3. I understand that if a person needs urgent help, medical attention, or is potentially breaking the law, Yoga District / Activist staff and/or volunteers need to contact emergency services or the police.

4. I understand promotion of commercial interests aside from Yoga Activist / District classes/events is not allowed in the space.
Volunteers serve with us at the studios, remotely, or at outreach sites. Most volunteers have a recurring weekly "shift." Would it be convenient for you to serve with us on a set day at a set time that recurs weekly? 
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When a volunteer can't make it to a shift, they usually make advanced arrangements to swap shifts with another volunteer. Aside from such occasional absences/swaps, do you feel it would be easy for you to commit to a volunteer position for at least three months? And would you be able to commit to giving at least two weeks' notice whenever you want to stop volunteering?
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Studio-based roles including demonstrating poses
Most weekly recurring volunteer shifts at yoga studios are 2-3 hours and include taking a class during the shift. Such volunteers are asked to:
- help with cleaning and preparing the studio before class
- sign in class participants
- help with any issues that come up during class (latecomers, internet issues, etc.)
- help demonstrate poses during class (you don't have to do "textbook" versions of poses - we just need someone to provide a visual and presence in case the teacher takes a break from demonstrating)
- post-class clean up
- show proof of COVID vaccination, since most of our classes require that
 Is this kind of studio-based role something you're interested in and comfortable with? 
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Studio-based care-focused roles
Some of the weekly recurring volunteer shifts at studios are shorter in duration (1.5 hours), and they don't require the volunteer to demonstrate poses or practice during the shift. Instead, the shift focuses on studio care / deep cleaning. 
Would a studio care / deep cleaning role interest you? 
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Remote opportunities
Some of our volunteer shifts are remote (the work can be done anywhere you are with a secure, private internet connection). People serving in this type of volunteer position have different specialized duties. For instance, a team of volunteers handle phone calls, some handle class schedule management, others help with newsletters or social media content development. 
Would this kind of remote volunteer opportunity interest you? 
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If you indicated you are interested in a remote role, do you have any interests, professional experience, or skills that you think might be helpful in a remote administrative or managerial volunteer role? If so please share.
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