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Hawg Bar Band Booking Form
Thank you for playing at the Hawg Bar!

Please fill out the following form to assist us in promoting your upcoming appearance. This information will used to help us promote your appearance on our social media feeds and on our website.

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Please provide the band name you want us to use in promotional materials. If you do not have a band name, leave this field blank.
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Please provide the name(s) of ALL PERFORMERS you would like us to mention in our promotional materials. Please note that only the names submitted here will be included in promotional materials. Please ensure spelling is correct.
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Use this section to describe your band and your music. Where are you from? What kind of music do you play? What instruments do you use? Is there anything else that's interesting about your show that people might like to know? Please note that we may modify this content for use on different platforms.
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Please give us the URL to your website. If you do not have a website, leave this field blank.
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Please give us the URL to any other social media or online presence you may have, i.e.: Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter. We will use these to tag you online whenever we can.
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High quality pictures of your band and performers will help us effectively promote your appearance at the Hawg Bar.

Note that online photos must be a minimum of 72dpi and Facebook Event covers are sized at 1920 x 1080 pixels. Anything under these sizes will be pixellated and difficult for us to use for promotional purposes. Most modern cell phones can both take and share images that meet these specifications.

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**Please provide any URLs or additional information related to image sharing.
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Who is the best person to contact with questions about the band and/or performance?
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Please supply the best phone number to reach you at during daytime working hours.
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Other Contact Information
Is there anyone else who can answer questions about the band, if the Main Contact Person is not available?
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Because sometimes there other important things we need to know about your show!
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