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Accessible Educational Materials Consultation Form
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Sensory and Physical Considerations
Does the student have... *
Vision concerns
Hearing concerns
Orthopedic/Physical Access concerns
AAC or is minimally verbal
Vision concerns: if yes, describe:
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Has the student had a functional vision assessment? *
Has the student had a functional literacy assessment to determine their channel for literacy, including Braille? *
Physical access concerns: if yes, describe:
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Does the student use any equipment to help physical access, as it relates to their ability to use books or computers? Example: wheelchairs, switches, eye gaze, pointers, arm braces, hand/arm prosthesis, etc.
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Hearing concerns: if yes, describe:
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Has the student had a functional hearing assessment? *
Is the student’s primary or only language English? If not, describe:
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Can the student: *
Auditorily discriminates between sounds (early phonemic awareness)
Auditorily discriminates words/phrases
Selecting initial letter of word
Sight word recognition
Putting to symbols or words together to express an idea
Maintains fixation on stationary object
Scans line of symbols left to right
Visually recognizes people
Visuals recognizes common objects
Visually recognizes photographs
Visually recognizes symbols
Visually shifts vertically
Visually shifts horizontally
Looks to right and left without moving head
Scans matrix of symbols in a grid
Explores objects with hands
Explores objects with mouth
Do you suspect the student may need to access educational materials:
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