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March Nomination for Jane's Nominate & Donate Celebration
In honor of my Homestead celebration this month of March, I'm seeking nominations of libraries. School libraries, church libraries, community libraries. Maybe there's a specialty library that interests you. In the town of Astoria, there is an Astorian Collection that gave me information I needed to deepen the story of Marie Dorion. I'd love to hear about your favorite library.

So for the month of March, we're accepting nominations of a library you care about. Tell us the name and maybe a story of how that library has intersected your life -- has it given you a place for the work of the soul? Or perhaps that still place to reorder your world? Maybe the librarian is your special connection.

Fill out all the entries below to nominate yourself or someone else. If you got here and are not quite sure what this Homestead Nomination is all about, you can read all about it here:

Just a reminder: these are the nomination categories for upcoming months:

April: Small Business owners or Non-Profits who are overcoming obstacles and pursing the "Homestead-Style Dream."

Small business homesteaders, people who have dreams to start a business will be nominees who could use a little encouragement. And yes, you can nominate yourselves!

May: Mothers who have faced challenges and teach her children that life is like The Homestead.

June: Fathers who rise to the challenge in leading their family and have sacrificed so that their children can live a "Homestead-Style Dream."

July: Public Servants!!!! Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Peace Corps, Missionaries, Service Men/Women, or volunteers who have a passion and dream to serve others improve their communities and/or country.

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