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Anonymous Reporting Form for Cathy Vartuli
Thank you for visiting Cathy Vartuli's anonymous reporting form. If you have something to share, an upgrade you'd like us to consider, or you (or someone you know) felt violated at one of our Intimacy Dojo events, we invite you to please use this form. By design and by default, we do not ask you for your name or contact info. Unless you tell us otherwise, what you share will be used confidentially for us to improve the safety and quality of our events. Since this form is anonymous, if you wish a response from Cathy, please indicate that by filling out the contact info below. Thank you for helping us improve.
What Details Would You Like To Share With Us? *
Please provide a description of the behavior/information you want to bring to our attention as well as who was involved.
When and where did it happen? *
Please, let us know date, time, and location as specifically as you can.
Is there anyone else you'd like to make us aware of who may have experienced this as well, or who was a witness to the experience? *
If you are sharing people's names, please make sure you have their permission to do so. Thanks!
Have you, or do you intend to, follow up yourself with the person(s) involved? *
What sort of response would you like from Cathy & The Intimacy Dojo? *
Would you like this information to remain anonymous? *
This form, by default, is anonymous. We do not require your name and info. However, this also means we have no way of contacting you back. If you would like us to contact you or someone you've appointed to be your contact person, please let us know how. If you don't want us to contact you, do nothing. Thank you!
Additional contact details: *
If you are a yes above to us responding, please indicate an appropriate way in which we can reach out. Thank you.
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