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Social Media and Retail Therapy 

This survey is to collect data for my College Writing Paper and will be completely anonymous. My research aims to understand the relationship between college students and online shopping at Wash U. Email me at if you have any questions or concerns about this survey.

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How often do you make online purchases? *
Are you familiar with the concept of retail therapy? *
To what extent do you think that fast fashion and hyper consumerism are a problem at Wash U? *
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Prominent issue
How often do you to click on a social media advertisements? *
Do you feel that the ads that you see on social media are well targeted? *
Where do make the most online purchases from? *
When do you make online purchases? *
To what extent do you think that retail therapy is an issue for you? *
Not at all
Does peer culture at Wash U pressure you to participate in fast fashion and retail therapy? *
Not at all
Very much
Would you like to comment on this study or offer any personal experience with retail therapy?
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