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Tikun Workshop Request Form
Please fill out this form so we know your workshop selection, date and time, size and nature of group, etc. Thank you!
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Have you hosted a tikun workshop or Ve'ahavta speaker before?
What motivated you/your organization to invite Ve'ahavta to run an educational program?
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What date are you requesting for the event?
What time are you requesting? (Please provide options if possible)
What is your workshop choice?
Please describe the group who will be participating in the workshop (size of group, school/camp background, group dynamics, coed or not, familiarity with Ve'ahavta, etc).
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What other programs would you be interested in doing with us?
Is there anything else we should know about the program?
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You will be invoiced $250 for the tikun workshop ($400 if coupled with a Speakers Bureau graduate presentation). Thank you!
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