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ISABC Pro-D Day 2019 Presenter Application
Thank you for applying to be a presenter at the ISABC Professional Development Day, Friday, February 15th, 2019 at York House School. Your willingness to share your experience, knowledge and time is what makes this event so exciting and successful.

These are the primary foci:
- The new Graduation Program with emphasis on literacy and numeracy
- Enriching teaching and learning for the BC curriculum K-Grade 9
- Wellness and mental health

Secondary themes supporting the primary foci include:
- First People’s principles of Learning
- Teaching and Learning - Assessment, Computational thinking, Core Competencies, Assessment,
- Subject Area or Division Focus
- Round Tables (subject, division or specialist subject areas e.g.French; Grade 4 class teachers; Outdoor Educators)
- ISABC Action Research presentations

It is essential you read the briefing notes thoroughly before completing this form. Please copy and paste this web address to view briefing notes:

By completing this form YOU WILL ALSO BE REGISTERED AS A PARTICIPANT. PROOF-READ before submitting as this exact information will go live on the website.

Please get your school's Academic or Deputy Head's' approval before submitting this workshop form.

Submission Deadline is now at noon on MONDAY 29th October 12th, 2018.

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