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Warzone Atlanta 2016 Bounties
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Example: "Thomas Byrd, A Rebel and A Traitor"
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Example: "Thomas Byrd was once a loyal servant of the Imperium, faithfully executing the rites and prescriptions of the Fabricator General. However, he has fallen to the temptation of the Xenos powers. The Eldar now whisper into his ear, promising technologies and power beyond his wildest fancy, should he only forsake his oaths. He has been branded a traitor of the Imperium, and must be crushed under the boot of the noble servants of the Emperor."
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Example: "Achieve a win versus Thomas Byrd in which he scores less than 10 Battle Points."
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If a bounty is not repeatable, then once it has been accomplished it will be removed from the bounty board. If a bounty IS repeatable, it will be doable as many times as you specify. NOTE: YOU AGREE TO PROVIDE THE REWARD FOR THE BOUNTY AS MANY TIMES AS IT'S ACCOMPLISHED, UP TO THE LIMIT YOU SPECIFY.
If it is repeatable, how many times?
Note: This is total times the bounty can be completed. So a "2" means it can be completed a total of 2 times.
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