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Staff Application Form
This is an application to volunteer time for Hardcore League (HCL/HL). At this time we are accepting applications to put on file as we may or may not need help in the future. If at any point you are accepted you will be notified. If you accept the terms you will accept them with the knowledge you will NOT be paid at ANY time for ANY reason.

If and/or when your application is accepted you will be REQUIRED to Sign our Hardcore League Staff Agreement Form if you wish to volunteer your time to us.

We are looking to fill all of these spots for Each Platforms. Open Positions per platform are listed in Brackets.
(ex. [XBOX/PSN] would mean positions are only open for Xbox and Playstation, but not for PC as the position is filled.)

Positions List:

Graphic Designer [All Platforms]:
-Does the graphics for streams, website, premium team, etc.

Shoutcasters [Xbox/PSN/PC]:
-Shoutcasts as many matches as possible.

Content Manager[All Platforms]:
-Makes sure Twitch clips are taken and uploaded to YouTube in a timely manner.
Global Events Manager: Taco [Filled]
-Keeps track of all Head Events Managers across all Platforms.

Head Events Manager: [XBOX/PSN/PC]:
-Keeps track of all upcoming events, charity events, community events, etc.

Events Coordinator: [Xbox/PSN/PC]:
-Helps Head Events Coordinator in anyway they need with day-to-day operations.
Global Community Manager: BOSCH [Filled]
-Keeps track of all Head Community Managers across all Platforms.

NA & EU Community Manager: SHANDO [Filled]
-Keeps track of all Head Community Managers across all Platforms in NA.

Head Community Manager: [Xbox/PSN/PC]:
-Keeps track of all other Community Coordinators.
-Puts together and Manages/Runs non-Competitive related community events.

Community Liaison: [Xbox/PSN/PC]:
-Helps Head Community Manager in anyway they needs with day-to-day operations.
Global Competitive Manager:
--Keeps track of all Head Competitive Managers across all Platforms.

Head Competitive Manager [PSN/PC]:
-Keeps track of all other Competitive Season Coordinators.
-Puts Together Teams and Manages/Runs Competitive Events such as Open Season Matches.

Competitive Match Coordinators [Xbox/PSN/PC]:
-Helps the Competitive Commissioner Run matches. (Gets Teams together, handles disputes, etc.)
-Manages Data Entry and Referees.

Referee [Xbox/PSN/PC]:
-Sets up servers for matches, watches them to make sure no rules are broken

Data Entry[All Platforms]:
-Grabs stats and/or data from matches we need for metrics
Head Discord/Twitch Moderator[All Platforms]:
-Oversees discord and makes sure rules are being followed.
-Coordinates all other regular Discord Moderators.

Discord/Twitch Moderator[All Platforms]:
-Helps the Head Discord/Twitch Moderator oversee the discord to make sure rules are being followed.

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