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Survey on online apps used by districts and their privacy protections
The Parent Coalition for Student Privacy is researching which ed tech apps schools are asking to students to use and whether they are sufficiently protective of children's privacy. Since the pandemic hit, school districts across the nation have purchased many commercially-produced online apps and programs to implement remote learning. Even before last spring, districts had been using a large number of programs, many of which have access to personal student information. Many of these apps collect and use personal student data in ways we do not understand.

Please let us know what online apps and programs your district or school is using, and check to see if they have been transparent about their privacy policies. Your name and district will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at Thanks!
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Are you a parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, technology director, other district/school staff, or other? *
If other, please explain.
Have your children and/or students been assigned to use certain online apps or programs?
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If so, please list the online apps or programs below.
Have you been informed of what privacy or security protections are being used to guard against data breaches or unauthorized use of personal student data?
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If you are a parent/guardian, have you been asked for consent for your child to use any of these apps or programs?
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If so, which apps or programs have they asked your consent for?
Does your district maintain a student data privacy page that is easily found? (If you can’t find such a webpage, please email your principal, superintendent or chief technology or privacy officer to ask them where it is.) *
If you can find your district's data privacy page, provide the link below.
Does that data privacy page have a link to an approved district data privacy policy?
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If yes, provide the link below:
If the district posts a data privacy policy, does it include the following elements? [please check all that apply]
If the district has a data privacy policy, does it explain that any district or school staff that handles personal student data must be trained annually in data privacy and security protections?
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Does the district website identify the district's data privacy officer, or who to contact with student data privacy questions, including name, phone, and email?
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Does the district website explain how parents should contact the district data privacy officer if they have concerns or complaints about how their children’s data may have been breached or improperly used?
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Does the district website explain what parents or legal guardians should do if they want to access their children’s data and challenge it if necessary, whether it is held by the district or a vendor/contractor?
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Does the district website link to a list of vendors/contractors or other third parties with access to personal student data?
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If so, does that list seem complete?
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Does your district or school allow parents to opt their child out of using a particular app or edtech platform?
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What concerns do you have if any about your school or district’s protection of student data privacy?
Please fill in your name below if you’d like a copy of the results of this survey. We will keep your identity anonymous, unless you say otherwise.
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Would you be willing to participate in a follow-up, confidential interview by a member of our organization if we have additional questions? If so, please make sure you've added your email address above. *
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