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"Is building a Sustainability Culture important & urgent for your Organization NOW"
Thank you so much for your interest in our survey.

Based on the Corporate Life Span analysis of S&P 500, the average longevity of S&P 500 companies is 33 years in 1964, 24 years in 2016 and projected to be 12 years in 2027 respectively.

We are a group of Organization Development specialists and Sustainability advocates. You are cordially invited to join our PILOT SURVEY to empower aspiring corporate leaders like YOU to identify in what areas Organization Sustainability (Triple Bottom Lines: Profit, Planet, People) become important and/urgent for your organization performance NOW or even impacting its extended longevity.

By completing this 2-minute survey, in return we will provide you with

- an initial written assessment report via email (FREE for the first 100 respondents)
- an overall survey result for all participants by end of March. (FREE for all participants)
- an invitation for our future industry/expert sharing seminar and more. (FREE/Paid)

Any questions, please contact Polly Chan, our Project leader at
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Q1. Is generating an ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) report a CURRENT regulatory/compliance requirement for your organization? *
Q2. Is upholding an ESG related industry standards/practices/KPIs/policy a business requirement for some/all of your CURRENT tendering/business prospecting activities? *
Q3. Is your organization CURRENTLY looking for ESG-oriented institutional/professional investors/donors? *
Q4. Is your organization CURRENTLY using/consuming sustainable materials to produce goods and/or services? *
Q5. Is sustainability part of your CURRENT organization Vision, Mission and/or Values? *
Q.6. If the answer is Yes for any of Q1 to Q5, how OFTEN does your organization make ESG-related reporting via online and/ offline media ? *
Q7. Are your CURRENT targeted End-Customers/program beneficiaries Millennials (Age 20 to 39 in 2020) and/ Gen. Z (Age 8 to 19 in 2020)? *
Q8. If the answer is Yes for Q7, what's the percentage? *
Q9. Is your organization CURRENTLY employing team members between 16 and 39 years' old? *
Q10. If the answer is Yes for Q9, what's the percentage? *
Q11. Are you interested in attending Organization Sustainability related Seminars/Workshops? *
Q12. If the answer is Yes for Q11, what professional support are you interested in ? *
Very Interested
Somewhat interested
Not interested
ESG e-learning
ESG-related Standards & Ratings
ESG/Sustainability related Corporate Training
ESG/Sustainability PR/Communication Services
Leadership &/Multi-generational workforce Management
NGO partners to uphold CSR/Sustainability initiatives
Experience sharing on Developing Sustainable products & services
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