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Part 2: Proof of Residency & Student Identity
To register your student, Missouri requires that we collect evidence (i) of your student’s identity and (ii) that you live within St. Louis City. Please upload scans or photos of the following documentation.

• Photos from your cell phone are acceptable as long as the document's information is legible.

• You can also mail copies of the documents to 4220 Duncan Ave. Ste. 201, St. Louis, MO 63110.

General Information
Guardian: First Name *
Guardian: Last Name *
Guardian: Phone *
Guardian: Email *
If you remember, please put the same email that you put for "Part 1: Student & Parent Information." Kairos will often communicate through email, so this should be an account you check regularly.
Student: First Name *
Student: Last Name *
Proof of Identity & Age
Please upload a scan/photo of ONE of the following:

• Birth certificate (available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics,

• Passport

• Certified hospital record of birth

• Social Security Card

Upload a scan/photo of your ONE chosen document. *
Proof of Residency
In this section, you will choose two documents to upload as evidence of residency. Which document set you choose from depends on whether your family lives in your own home in St. Louis City or whether you have an alternative housing situation.

IF your family lives in your own home, then please provide scans/photos any TWO of the following from DOCUMENT SET A.


• Unexpired lease/rental agreement (signed and including address and date of rental)

• Deed or closing statement

• Mortgage statement (dated within the past 30 days)

• Occupancy permit from City Hall (parent/guardian must be primary applicant)

• Water bill (dated within the past 30 days, cannot read "final bill")

• Gas bill (dated within the past 30 days, cannot read "final bill")

• Electric bill (dated within the past 30 days, cannot read "final bill")

• Sewer bill (dated within the past 30 days, cannot read "final bill")

• Real estate tax receipt (dated within the past year)

• Personal property tax receipt (dated within the past year)

• Declaration of homeowners insurance

All documents must have the name of at least one legal guardian and the St. Louis City address. If the document does not have those, you must also submit a signed document clarifying the student resides at the St. Louis City address submitted. Please scroll down to submit the documents.


Alternatively, IF your family/student is...

- living in the home of another family in St. Louis City
- homeless
- participating in an interdistrict transfer program established by a court order
- a ward of the state that has been placed in a residential care facility by state officials
- in a residential care facility due to a mental illness or developmental disability
- in a residential facility by a juvenile court
- in the district due to a disability identified under state eligibility criteria (i.e., for a reason other than accessing the district's educational program)
- attending a regional or cooperative program or an alternative program on a contractual basis
- a non-resident attending school in an adjoining district due to a transportation hardship
- residing in a school district with someone other than a parent or court-appointed guardian because they are orphaned, have only one parent living, or are self-supporting and are unable to pay tuition

...then please provide any TWO of the following from DOCUMENT SET B (dated within the past 30 days).


• Driver’s license or W-2

• Paycheck stub

• Water bill (cannot read "final bill")

• Gas bill (cannot read "final bill")

• Electric bill (cannot read "final bill")

• Sewer bill (cannot read "final bill")

• Car insurance statement (ID card not accepted)

• Loan paperwork

• Court paperwork

• Government paperwork

Upload scans/photos of your TWO chosen documents. You can also upload a signed letter clarifying your housing situation. *
Optional: Student Social Security Number
In cases where a student's identity or residency is questioned, a student's Social Security Number (SSN) can be used to help Kairos and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education verify the student's eligibility. Submitting the student's SSN is voluntary, and not submitting it will not hinder your registration as long as proof of identity and residency (above) is provided in a timely manner. Like all our data, Kairos will protect your student's SSN in compliance with industry best practices.
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