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Doune the Rabbit Hole 2019 Trader Application Form
Please fill in this form if you are interested in trading at Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival 2019 (19th - 21st July)
This Form is for all types of Traders (Food, Retail and Charity).

If you wish to send us any supporting images or materials via email. Please email using your Business name as the Subject Heading. This will enable us to match your email with your online application.

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Staff and Additional Passes
Food Vendors will get 3 passes included in their Pitch fee.
Retail and Charity Stall's will get 2 passes included in their Pitch fee.
Additional passes will will have a cost associated with them.
Adult Passes *
Child (12-16yrs) Passes *
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Term's & Condition's
Doune the Rabbit Hole 2019
Terms and Conditions

1. By submitting an application form to Doune the Rabbit Hole you are legally binding yourself to abide by the following terms and conditions of trading. Please ensure you have read them and made your staff aware of them prior to the event. The management reserves the right to evict from site anyone breaking this contract, or behaving in an illegal, aggressive or disorderly manner.
a. Trading pitches will be allocated by Doune the Rabbit Hole.
b. Traders agree to co-operate fully with management and security. All safety direction and instructions must be followed.

2. The festival will run from the afternoon of Friday 19th July to early morning Monday 22nd July. The pitch is for the entire duration of the festival.
a. Traders are welcome to begin their set up from noon on Wednesday 16th July and must be ready to trade from 12 noon on Friday 19th.
b. Traders must remain at their pitch until 8am of the morning of Monday 22nd July and must have left the site by 8pm of that day.
c. Please enter and leave the site by the appropriate gate and road, which will be advised when your booking is confirmed.
d. Any trader who arrives after 12 noon on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st to set up will be turned away and forfeit any fees paid. There are no exceptions to this condition.
e. Operating hours for the festival site are:
Friday noon - 3am
Saturday 10am - 3am
Sunday 10am - 3am
Monday open for breakfast
We would like it if you could be open for 10am over the weekend, however, if you would like to Start trading earlier in the morning, at breakfast time for example, you would be most welcome. Closing time we leave to your discretion but hope that you would stay trading until at least 10pm.

3. The pitch booking includes:
3 festival passes for food stalls
2 festival passes for non-food stalls
a. Additional staff passes are available at a cost of £50.00 each. These passes are non-refundable. Please consider your staffing levels carefully as there will be no additional passes available once the public allocation has sold out due to the limitations on numbers imposed on us by our site license/local authority.
b. Passes for children (12-16 years) of stall holders are available at a cost of £10.00 each and are also non-refundable.
c. Children (11 years and under) of stall holders and staff will be admitted free, but passes are still required for children for Health and Safety purposes so we must be notified of U-11's who are to accompany stall holders prior to the event.
d. Wristbands will be supplied on arrival.

4. Doune the Rabbit Hole does not provide stall tables, covers, tents etc. Traders must provide their own.
a. All marquees, tents or other self-build structures should be of sound construction including all supporting poles, frames, guy ropes, stakes anchors and fastenings etc, all guy ropes and fixing stays shall be conspicuously marked to ensure they do not present a trip hazard.
b. Once sited you may under no circumstances move your pitch without express permission from the festival management.
c. There is to be no amplified noise as part of your stall unless specifically agreed with the festival management.
d. No third party sponsorship is to be displayed on the site without permission from the festival management.
e. No unauthorised traders or sub-letting of pitches.
f. You may not sell goods from any area other than your designated pitch or sell goods other than those indicated on your application.
g. If you wish to apply for more than one stall you must make a separate booking for each individual stall.
h. Prices for merchandise for sale must be displayed and, where needed, ingredients must be clearly listed.
i. Unauthorised Festival merchandise and logos on any goods is thoroughly encouraged however unauthorised band merchandise and logos on any goods will be confiscated.
j. The sale of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, wax flares, legal highs, sky lanterns, silly string, spray paint and bbqs are all banned.
k. Anyone found to be using or selling illegal drugs or legal highs will be immediately shut down, and reported to the authorities.
l. No fresh food is to be sold from a non-food stall due to separate safety and licensing requirements.
m. Traders are not permitted to sell drinks or products in glass bottles.
n. Food traders are requested to use paper, card or wood (biodegradable) packaging and utensils. Polystyrene is not permitted.
o. No single use plastics are permitted to be used.

5. All vehicles are brought on site at their owner’s risk, and must be suitably insured. The festival cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur during the festival.
a. Traders will be permitted one vehicle at their pitch. Any further vehicles must be kept in the main car park and display a parking pass which will be supplied on arrival.
b. If traders require their pitch vehicle to leave site this must be done between 4am and 9.30am. The management reserves the right to change these times as necessary.
c. Traders will be held responsible for any persons coming on site to deliver to or service their stall. Any additional deliveries made on Saturday or Sunday must be completed by 9.30am using the access road designated.
d. Traders are responsible for ensuring contractors delivering to, or working on their stall, are suitably insured.
e. Any traders who plan to sleep overnight in their stall must have operating smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
f. Traders must adhere to any Traffic Management plans that have been put in place. They must take guidance from the Traffic Management team on arrival and if found not be adhering to this may be asked to leave site.
6. Each trader is to be responsible for the cleanliness of their pitch, both back and front. If your area is unacceptably littered you will be asked to shut down and leave the site.
a. Traders are responsible for separating their own rubbish in receptacles provided. Containers will not be provided for individual stalls.
b. No grey water, oils or other waste material is to be tipped directly onto the ground. Traders are responsible for providing suitable containers for all waste liquids. There will be drainage for grey water only on site. All other waste liquids must be removed from site and disposed of responsibly.
c. Traders must have removed ALL litter on departure. A charge of £50 per kilogram will be made for any litter left by traders.

7. All traders must adhere to the requirements of the smoke free legislation, which includes displaying the statutory A5 ‘no smoking’ sign.
a. All traders must comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1975 and its supporting regulations, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and its supporting regulations and any additional local authority requirements.
b. Food traders must have written Food Safety Management Procedures which are available for inspection by festival and licensing authority staff.
c. All food traders must be registered with a local authority.
d. Traders must provide, at time of application and where relevant, evidence of adequate and current:
Public Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance
Risk Management Plan [this must be provided by law, outlining any significant health and safety hazards associated with each stall, and what steps are taken to control such risks.]
Food Hygiene Certificates for all staff
Gas Safety Certificate
e. To comply with health and safety regulations ALL electrical appliances and cables used by traders must display a current PAT Certificate sticker. This includes any electrical equipment used in living quarters. If electrical equipment does not have a current PAT certificate it cannot be used until it receives one from our on-site engineer who will charge a fee of £100 for inspection.
f. It is essential that all traders provide adequate and relevant fire safety equipment for their stalls. Stall coverings must be fire proof, and staff must be trained in correct fire action policy. It is recommended that traders have fire blankets and suitable fire extinguishers.
g. Each stall must have a basic first aid kit.

8. Traders with electrical requirements must provide their own 16amp socket. Traders are also responsible for providing any extension leads required; these must be tested and suitable for outdoor use.
a. Power supplied by Doune the Rabbit Hole will run at least from 8am until 4am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every effort will be made to have continuous power between these times. No refunds will be made in the event of any power failure.
b. Generators are permitted and we would prefer if they ran on Bio-Diesel. If you bring your own please ensure you have sufficient fuel to power it, Doune the Rabbit Hole will not provide you with fuel.

9. Items not permitted on site: glass containers, body piercing equipment, illegal or controlled Substances, laser pens, weapons or potential weapons, fireworks, or items likely to cause a hazard of fire or injury. Any such items will be confiscated and your stall will be shut down.
a. Open fires are not permitted.
b. In the event of a cancellation after payment, there will be a forfeit of 10% of the total pitch price. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days of the event, the total cost will be forfeited. The decision of the festival management is final.

Liability disclaimer

Doune the Rabbit Hole, their servants or agents will not be responsible for any accident, loss, or damage however caused, that may occur to any trader, his/her servants or agents, or his/her property brought onto the festival site, or whilst entering or leaving the site. Please ensure all stall holders and helpers are vigilant. Doune the Rabbit Hole is not responsible for effects on the level of trade caused by weather, power failure or any other unforeseen circumstances. Any departure from these conditions of trading could result in the stall holder being asked to leave the site without refund of pitch rent and will certainly jeopardise the stall holder's chances of being invited to trade at future events.

Doune the Rabbit Hole reserve the right to change these Term's & Condition's without prior Warning.

I have read and Agree to the above Terms & Condiotions *
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