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Pinnacle Athletics Absence Request Form
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Athlete Attendance (listed in handbook)

In order for our teams to be successful, athlete participation is an imperative part of our program. In order to avoid interruption to practices and to best prepare for performances and competitions, all athletes must attend regularly scheduled practices or risk being removed from the team. We categorize absences: excused and unexcused.

The following circumstances are considered excused absences: illnesses that are considered contagious (doctor’s note is required), family emergencies, school functions that are mandatory and directly affect academic performance.

The following circumstances are considered unexcused absences: school dances, social function, vacation (unless pre-approved), finishing schoolwork and lack of transportation.

If the athlete is injured or sick (not contagious), he/she is still expected to attend practice to watch the routine, learn changes and listen to technique discussions with his/her team. Any exception to this policy will need to be reviewed with the owner and coach.

A meeting with the athlete, parents and owner will take place to discuss the consequences of unexcused absences in private.

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