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Tarzan's Safe Haven
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I, the above named, fully agree to the following in regards to the contact of animals in the care of and up for adoption by Tarzan's Safe Haven. I understand that animals can be unpredictable in different environments and around new people. I take full responsibility for myself, my family and my pet(s) around any and all animals provided by Tarzan's Safe Haven. *
In the event I, the above named, my family and or my pet(s) receive injury, personal harm, personal possession(s) destroyed including but not limited to bites, scratches and bruises. I hold harmless Tarzan's Safe Haven, the staff, volunteers, and any and all persons involved with Tarzan's Safe Haven. In the event Tarzan's Safe Haven provides animals in public and personal places, I hold harmless the land owner, the business, the business owner, their staff, volunteers, any and all persons involved with Tarzan's Safe Haven and those helping provide adoption opportunities. *
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