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LMC Website - Welcome back!
Let's get back into school by getting to know the LMC website, finding new books to read and what you are going to study this year. Using the LMC website, answer these questions... Here is the LINK to the LMC site: /
1.On the LMC site go to More - Award books - Bluestem and find out what book won the Bluestem award last year (most votes by students in grades 3-5 in the state of Illinois)
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2. On the LMC site - Check out Resources for 3rd grade - What is one unit of study you are excited to learn about?
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3. Go to LMC Blog and check out my summer reading recommendations - Choose one that you'd like to read and write it below (scroll through 28 books)
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4. Click on this link: and post - What was your best activity this summer?Ideas are below
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