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Bug Off Pain
Virtual Reality Game that places the viewer inside the brain and shows them first-hand the molecular system in our brains that allows us to sense pain. The game consists of two parts; first, it teaches one about what one is seeing in the brains (about different cell functions and the functions of the proteins that sits on these cells that are crucial in pain pharmacology) and then the experience gets even better when the spiders start crawling, injecting their venoms and the player can choose by trial and error which spider venom is capable to shut down the pain and which is not. More blocking, more points for them! The experience ends after they found a perfect venom that blocks the protein profoundly and results in complete pain-free downstream signalling. The game is over with a "pain over". Good luck with taking the down the pain!

Developed by: Lucka Bibic, Justinas Druskis, Samuel Walpole, Jesus Angulo, Leanne Stokes
Project lead: Lucka Bibic
© 2017 University of East Anglia. All Rights Reserved

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Bug Off Pain Trailer 2017
Bug Off Pain
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