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NKyTribune Regional Calendar Account Request
This form is to request an account be established for an organization to post events which are occurring in the Northern Kentucky Region. The intent of this calendar is to provide a central location for events/activities in the Northern Kentucky area and not to serve as an endorsement or promotion of specific events and organizations.

By requesting an account you are agreeing to the following:
1. Events are open to the public
2. Once an account is granted, the requester of the account will not share the account login information with others. Account will be terminated immediately if this rule is violated.
3. The calendar is free for local non-profits, government agencies, local service groups, local public and private educational institutions and local social and recreational clubs. There is a monthly membership fee of $20 for for-profits.
4. Individual events or fundraising efforts for the benefit of a single individual or family are not allowed.
5. The calendar is not designed for promotion of political, religious, labor/fraternal organizations, sporting leagues or clubs, individuals or families.
6. Events are to be one-time or special events/programs, not regularly scheduled activities (i.e. church services, exercise classes, etc)
7. Organization is responsible for all information and updates, only organizations may create/modify their own events.
8. Once access is granted, individual requesting access will be required to attend training arranged by an administrator. This may take the form of either a group, individual and when available on-line training.
9. Prior to access being granted, a short training session will take place either in an individual, group or soon to come (on-line) setting.

NKY Tribune makes no guarantee, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information displayed on the NKY Regional Calendar. Information provided by Internet liks external to the calendar, is not under editorial control of the NKY Tribune, and such information does not reflect official information or opinions of the NKY Tribune.

The NKY Tribume reserves the right to edit/delete any submission at any time without the consent or notice for any/all events. The NKY Tribume also reserves the right to remove an organization at any time without consent or notice. Technical support for the NKY Regional Calendar will be limited and not guaranteed in any manner.

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