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Teachers and Parents in Solidarity with the School Strike for Climate
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The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by the United Nations estimates that, on current emissions reductions commitments, the world is on track to burn the remaining 1.5°C carbon budget within the next 3 to 10 years. Our summer’s extreme weather events demonstrates immediate action is urgent. ‘Hottest summer day’ records have continued to become an annual routine here in Australia. Heat-related illness death tolls steadily climb. In Tasmania, thousands of hectares of thousand-year old forest burns. In North-West Queensland floods caused by monsoonal rain have killed up to 300,000 cattle. In late November, extreme heat killed a third of Australia’s flying foxes in just two days - a species critical to pollinating many native trees. Furthermore, climate and ecosystem tipping points pose unfathomable and irreversible consequences. If trends continue the coming years will see frighteningly incessant and violent events. We need to act now.

It is in this context that both major Australian political parties give their staunch support for the Adani Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland. The Queensland state government has given Adani unlimited access to water from the Great Artesian Basin for the next 60 years. It is projected that the completed mine, at peak production, will contribute more annual emissions than Bangladesh, a nation of 160 million people. The exact scale of damage it will deal to the area’s delicate ecosystem is difficult to predict. What is certain, though, is that the mine will open the region for more corporate interest: Adani’s Australian chief executive, Jeyakumar Janakaraj, insists that “more mines will go there because we are building a 100-million-tonne railway and a 120-million-tonne port.” An expansion in coal mining is incompatible with a rapid transition to a renewable energy.

In light of these circumstances, we, the undersigned, commend and support students who are using their academic, civic and ethical learning on politicians to demand action on climate change. As teachers and parents, we spend our entire professional and home lives teaching children and young people to be thinkers and take responsibility for their actions. We applaud them for their concern for our planet and their conviction to stand up for change to demand urgent action on climate change.


Madeleine Hetherton, NSW, Maroubra Bay Public School, Volunteer Ethics Teacher
Mark Goudkamp, NSW, Beverly Hills GHS, Refugee Support Leader
Grace Myers, SA, Goodwood Primary School, Chinese language teacher
Elizabeth Cain, VIC, Beaumaris Secondary College, Science and Geography teacher
Michael Cummings, NSW, Forestville Public School, Primary Ethics
Katharine Winter, NSW, Business, Community Services, Mental Health, TESOL
Naomi Farmer, VIC, Baringa School, Primary teacher
Catherine Van, VIC, Merkestein Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Specialist School, Art teacher
Stephanie Raybould, VIC, Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Specialist School
Fozia Mansoor, SA, Early Childhood Educator.
Keith Burrows, VIC, Retired Physics teacher
Hans Mayerhofer, NSW, Newton High school, Social Sciences teacher
Kerry Hill, VIC, Hawthorn West Primary School
Manolya Moustafa, VIC, Lakeview Senior College, Science teacher
Jorge Jorquera, VIC, Primary Teacher
Cameron Gaffney, QLD, Saint Peter Claver College
Mark Comans, NSW, Secondary English Teacher
Tess Lee Ack, VIC, Victorian School of Languages, Retired teacher
Reem Yunis, VIC, Cranbourne East Secondary College, Maths/Science/Chemistry teacher
Jill Dumsday, VIC, Biology and Environmental Science teacher, retired
Natasha Brown, VIC, Primary Science teacher
Sue Ensor, VIC, Humanities teacher
Pete Davidson, NSW, Visual Arts and Technology & Applied Studies Teacher
Marie Brennan, VIC, University, Teacher
Adam Bulman, Vic, Secondary, Maths/Physics/Science teacher
Beth Muldoon, VIC, Primary School Teacher
Cheril Kemp, VIC, Generalist Primary
Emmanuelle Emile- Blake, VIC, Primary Science Teacher
Alexandra McCallum, QLD, IES College, Academic English (ESL)
Duncan Hillier, VIC, Fitzroy High School, Physics/Science teacher
Rod Perry , High school, Retired Science and physical education teacher
Stephan Kubicki, VIC, Lakeview Senior College
Anna Papamanos, VIC, Lakeview Senior, English/VCD/Philosophy teacher
Anna Fee, VIC, Lakeview Senior College, VCE English & Media teacher
Lynne Donohue, VIC, Lakeview Senior college, Accounting teacher
Jennifer Killen, NSW, Public Education, Mathematics teachers
Cameron Rowe, VIC, Impact Language College, ESL
Daisy Farnham, Darwin High School, English teacher
Kirsty Leahy, VIC, High School, Geography teacher
Tim Bailey, VIC, Marist College Bendigo, Outdoor Education and Mathematics teacher
Maria Mouratidou Early Childhood Teacher
Silvia Ormeno, NSW, Cabramatta High School, EAL/D Teacher, ESL Support
John Morris, NSW, Canterbury Bankstown branch Secretary, Teacher
Helen Conidaris, NSW, Teacher and librarian
David Boston, VIC, Moomba Park Primary School, Prep teacher
Fairlie Mackinnon, VIC, Secondary School, Humanities teacher
Ruth Gledhill, Relief teacher
Jo Williams, VIC, Secondary teacher
Lourdes Garcia Larque, VIC, Spanish Language teacher
Jill Trotter, retired teacher
Dominic Brash, VIC, Coburg High School
Lucy Honan, VIC, Secondary school, Humanities teacher
Paul Robson, NSW, NSWTF, Infants/Primary teacher
Nicholas Sgro-Traikovski, VIC, The University of Melbourne, Italian, Linguistics and Mathematics teacher
Jacqueline Storey, VIC, University, Development Studies teacher
Lachlan Gale, VIC, Primary teacher
Tara creek, VIC, Wallan Secondary College, Environmental science teacher
Andrew Tanner, VIC, RNLD, Teacher
Bianca Hewes, NSW, NBSC: Manly Campus, English and Philosophy teacher
Astrid Judge, VIC, Literacy and language teacher
Matthew Schulz, SA, Gawler and District College B-12 HASS
Ian Smerd, SA, Retired English teacher
Sarah, SA, History and English teacher
Ana Freeman, NSW, Rahamim Ecology Centre, Online Educator
Anna Angel, QLD, Brisbane State High School, English teacher
Lauren Sutter, SA, Visual Art and Photography teacher
Cath McEwen, SA, Woodside, Director at Bush Play
Annie Rathbone, TAS, LNPS Primary school
Donna Monish, TAS, St Helens District High, Primary teacher
Joss Hine, TAS, Parklands High School, Design and Technology teacher
Abigail Haight, TAS, Tasman District School, English teacher
Abbey Lord, TAS, SHDHS, Maths & Science teacher
Donna Harris, TAS, Primary and STEM teacher
Stuart Lord, TAS, SHDHS, Maths & Science teacher
Hana Sabbagh, VIC, Findon Primary School, Classroom teacher
Norrian Rundle, VIC, Retired
Rom Springall, TAS, eSchool teacher
J. Guebala, VIC, Mill park secondary college, PE teacher
Trish McPhee, TAS, Latrobe High, Maths and Science teacher
Paul.Langerak, TAS, Primary teacher
Katie Lowther, TAS, Don College, VET Hospitality & Kitchen Operations teacher
Penny Sowter, TAS, Mt Nelson Primary School
Jennifer Rodman, TAS, Latrobe High School, Humanities teacher
Vincent Van de Vusse, TAS, VET teacher
Lach Valentine, TAS, Hobart College, Philosophy teacher
Bill Albion, TAS, Rosny College, Environmental Science teacher
Sharyn Clarke, SA, Mitcham Girls High School, English and HASS teacher
Freya Bundey, ACT, Caroline Chisholm School, Mathematics and HaSS teacher
Ross Barwick, TAS, TasTAFE, Community Services teacher
Maxine Whitehill, SA, Retired Preschool teacher
Sandra Jenkins, TAS, Latrobe High School, Art teacher
Sam Noonan, VIC, Media and Drama teacher
Sean Bradley, TAS, St Marys District School, English teacher
Sadia Schneider, VIC, Kaplan International English, English teacher
Emma Radford, TAS, Latrobe High School, Art teacher
Deborah Pennington, QLD, Guidance Officer, Northern Region, teacher
Chris Bowen SA, Primary, Special Ed teacher.
Lola Hill, VIC, Private tutoring
Caroline Corrigan, TAS, Clarendon Vale Primary, Early Childhood teacher
Courtney Guthrie, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, Humanities
Greg Bantick, QLD, teacher of traditional Chinese medicine
Hamish McCoy, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, Science/Maths teacher
Sean Nihill, VIC, Secondary, Music teacher
Linda Davis, QLD, Townsville State High School, Migrant Ed Coordinator
Anna Demarco, TAS, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Early Years Teacher
Mrs Mannell, NSW, Northern Beaches, Learning Support
Rosemary Plumb, ACT, Duffy Primary school
Mary Guebala, VIC, Primary teacher
Elspeth Blunt, VIC, Thornbury High School, teacher
Adam Skinner, NSW, Ryde-Macquarie Teachers Association
Kathleen Pleasants, VIC, University teacher, Outdoor & Environmental Education
Adam Skinner, NSW, Ryde-Macquarie Teachers Association
Will Hone, VIC, Camberwell Grammar School, English and History
Pauline Mead ,SA, Secondary, Humanities teacher
Holly Cunningham, VIC, teacher
Karen Crutchlow, Kip McGrath Education Centre, Maths & English
Sue Tyrie, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, teacher
Daniel Hillier, NSW, University of Newcastle, Humanities
Hayden Stuart, NSW, Avondale, Science teacher
Andrew Sutton, VIC, Mackillop College, Mathematics, Physics and Science teacher
Brigitte Kupfer, Tending the Children's Fire, Relational and Conversational Skills
J Corless, VIC, Christian College Geelong, English and History teacher
Rachel Lowe, QLD, Riverside Christian College, Year 6 teacher
G Brown, VIC, Secondary, Outdoor Education
Simon Little, NSW, St Clares High School Taree, English teacher
Michaela Gregory, VIC, Christian College Geelong, English & Drama
Sally Darlison, VIC, St Andrews Christian College, Art teacher
Claire Dawson, VIC, Bayside Christian College, Careers & VET Coordinator
Lisa Sacristani, VIC, DCC, ENG/Hums teacher
Carl Rusbridge, VIC, Weeroona College Bendigo, School Chaplain
John Mardell, SA, Science and Biology teacher, retired
John Eaton Relief Teacher Perth WA, Retired English Teacher
Matthew Pettett, NSW, Chatswood high school
Marg Howard, VIC, Teacher.
Sally Dilks, VIC, Castlemaine North Primary School, Grade 1/2 Teacher
Peter Pickett, TAS, New Town High School, Drama and Support Teacher
Leon Close, NSW, Ulladulla High school, Technology teacher
Azlan McLennan, VIC, Kaplan International English, ESL
David Linden, VIC, Tarneit P-9 College, Music Teacher
Amy Godfrey, VIC, English
Ali Thwaites, VIC, Primary School Teacher
Emily Missen, VIC, French teacher
Dean Moss, NSW, Billabong High School, Legal Studies
Claire Akhbari, VIC, ESL teacher, University of Melbourne tutor
Andrew Gaunt Jones, Ability English - English language
Jacqui Scott, VIC, Primary CRT
Ange Connell, ESL teacher
Orlando, Ability English, ESL teacher
Judy Pemberton, SA, Primary School Teacher
Leisel Underwood, SLSA Education Officer
Liz Hollanders, TAS, Bruny District School
Brooke Butler, NSW, Alesco Illawarra, Science and Mathematics teacher
Kate Reese, QLD, Toowoomba District TRS, P-10 teacher
Sean Nihill, VIC, Instrumental Music Teacher across a number of schools
Byron Lawrie, QLD, Pine Rivers Special School, Early Years Phys Ed
Steinfort, VIC, Princes Hill secondary college, science teacher
Jamiel Sabbagh, VIC, High School, Science teacher
Anna Tilley, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, Maths
Sandy Wilder, teacher
Marie Giampiccolo, VIC, PHSC, Mathematics
Grant McMurdo, VIC, Princes Hill SC, Politics, History, English
Marcellene D'Menzie, Vic, Princes Hill SC, English, EAL, Humanities
Sophie Maxwell, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, Humanities, Psychology and Science
Tim Paoli, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, Biology
Tracy Carroll, Vic, Princes Hill Secondary College, Drama and Theatre Studies
Sophie Peters, VIC, Princes Hill SC< Victoria English & Humanities
Lauren Mack, VIC, Latrobe High School, Tasmania, English, History, Geography
Doug Hendry, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary College, Art teacher
Nikilia Tsolakis, VIC, Princes Hill SC, French teacher
Jule, VIC, Princes Hill SC, Visual Arts teacher
Jenny McLeod, VIC, Princes Hill Secondary
Kim Best, VIC, Princes Hill SC. Library Tech
Shane Moore, VIC, PHSC, Design teacher
Michaela Boelling, NSW, Geography and History teacher
Katharine Winter, NSW, Business, Mental Health, Comm Services, Child Protection, Social Justice, Community Building, Management, Health Studies
Anne Mason, VIC, retired VCE Biology teacher
Kurt, VIC, Design and Technology teacher
John Waller, Lorne P-12 College, Music
Paul, Ability English - ESL
Mary-Rose McLaren, VIC, Victoria University, Education
M.Floudiotis, Princes Hill Secondary College, VIC, Career Practitioner
Thea Hanson, WA, Teacher Support
Lisa Mcphee, NSW, PDHPE
Kiri Theo, NSW, Science teacher
Kate Purnell, Victoria, Occupational Therapist, teacher
Amanda Peters, VIC, Mooroolbark College, Science and Maths
Peter Miller, ACT, Gungahlin College
David Lott, VIC, Agriculture and Science teacher
Dr. Francesca Lott, VIC, Animal Technology
Erin Shannon, NT, Nightcliff Middle School, English teacher

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