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Laggards becoming front runners - the case of Sardinia
Sardinia, renown for its awesome landscapes and beautiful shores, showed an impressive increase in recycling rates last few years. Many municipalities have achieved around and above 80% separate collection, while regional average is skyrocketing (now targeting 80% by 2022) in an island, and with tourism exerting a key role in local economy.
The workshop will show how local programmes and regulatory drivers made this possible, and why organics were pivotal, in Sardinia as in other places which have shown viability of separate collection in each and every situation across Europe.
Enzo Favoino
Enzo Favoino is a technical expert and researcher at the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza (Italy) and has decades of experience in the separate waste collection, recycling, composting and prevention. He is an expert in EU waste legislation and is highly knowledgeable in the field of European policy-making. He is one of the founders of the European Compost Network and the coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Zero Waste Research Centre in Italy.
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