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200-Hour Teacher Training Application
Yoga teacher training is a deep and intensive educational program and we ask that all students in the program honor the full commitment. We review each application thoroughly as a panel to ensure we are a good fit for you and that you meet the pre-requisites. As such, we humbly request that you are certain of your intent and availability prior to completing this application.

Please review all session dates and program tuition and only submit this application once you have ensured that you able to attend all dates and fulfill the tuition investment. If you are not yet sure but are interested, please add yourself to our mailing list for information on upcoming 200-Hour programs here: or reach out to us via email at

Please complete all fields and submit. We will contact you with any questions! We require that you have a minimum of 2 years of consistent yoga practice, and a sincere interest in being of service. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.
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MyCAA Scholarship Eligibility
Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts
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If you are a military spouse you may be eligible for a scholarship from MyCAA. The first step is to complete this application, make sure you mark "Yes" below if you are a military spouse and we will provide further instructions on applying for the scholarship.
Yoga Experience
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Do you have any injuries, medical conditions or impairments that would affect your full participation in this training or that we should know about? If yes, please explain. This is 100% confidential. If none, please answer "none". *
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In CSOY trainings, we use Hands On Assists when we find our words or demos aren’t landing with our trainees. Please acknowledge that you understand this and will take the responsibility to remind us of any injuries you are experiencing and/or modifying for. *
Trauma, Stress & Anxiety
As part of our efforts towards trauma sensitivity in all our programs, we ask the following questions about your personal experience with trauma and its impact and will keep your answers 100% confidential. While all people experience trauma in our lives, we all have different ways of processing the experiences. Some examples of traumatic experiences might be: served in a war zone, been involved in a serious accident, been involved in a major natural disaster, experienced a life-threatening illness, suffered physical/verbal/mental/sexual abuse, been a victim of criminal violence, experienced the death of a loved one, witnessed serious injury or death, etc.
Have you ever experienced any major traumas, including but not limited to those listed above, that have significantly impacted your life? *
If yes or maybe, do you feel that these traumatic experiences may impact your ability to fully participate in a group learning environment that involves public speaking, group/partner exercises, practice teaching, feedback, hands-on assists and sharing?
Do you ever experience profound anxiety or panic with physical symptoms like elevated heart rate, dizziness, trembling or shortness of breath that may impact your ability to fully participate in a group learning environment that involves public speaking, group/partner exercises, practice teaching, feedback, hands-on assists and sharing? *
Reason for Choosing CSOY
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about you and your experiences?
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Teacher Training Policies
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