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2018 Elections for Florida JETAA
Please cast your vote for the 2018 candidates Florida JETAA. All terms are 2 year terms. Descriptions of the positions are available here:

The positions up for election are Treasurer, Secretary, and Information Officer.

Voting closes April 6th at 11:55 PM. Any votes received after this date will be discounted.


JET Program alumni who are registered members of Florida JETAA are eligible to vote. If you are a JET alumni and are not registered for Florida JETAA please sign up here before casting your vote:

Friends of JET are not eligible to cast a vote.

Your vote will be kept confidential. Only the current Florida JETAA president, Lauren Sorondo, who is handling the elections this year will see your vote. We ask for personal information to verify that you are a JET alumni.

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Do you support Sean Beckwith for the position of Treasurer? *
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Do you support Hartley Haft for the position of Information Officer? *
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