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2019 Otherworld Leadership Team - Expression of Interest
Callouts are OPEN both for 2019 Otherworld Event Coordinator proposals AND for Event Leadership expressions of interest (this right here)!

The Event Coordinator is responsible for putting the event leadership team together. Are you thinking of submitting an event proposal? The deadline to submit is Saturday, Nov 3 at 4pm:

Here is a way to show your interest in joining the team as either Associate Producer or Team Lead before the Event Coordinator is selected!

This Expression of Interest form is to note who is interested in what role, for the Event Coordinator's information. Please fill this form out if you are interested in an Associate Producer or a Team Lead position for OW 2019, and your response will be passed on to the Event Coordinator. The Event Coordinator is not restricted to using this form, but will follow up with you if they are trying to fill the role you are interested in.

Please note that a person may apply to and hold more than one role within the Event Leadership team. However, in order to limit volunteer burnout (you know, that thing we all do), to grow leadership skills in our community, and to encourage diversity and inclusive decision-making, some restrictions are necessary. Eg: The Event Coordinator may not hold more than one leadership role. An Associate Producer may only be a Team Lead within their own department.
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Event Leadership Team --- Where do you see yourself?
Let us know what role/s, departments, and/or teams you are interested in leading this year! Choose all that you are interested in, even if you only want to fill a single role.

Don't worry. This is not a hard commitment. We are only interested in your interest. The Event Coordinator will follow up with you during the event leadership team selection process, and you can change any or all of your answers then.
Which leadership role/s are you interested in? *
Which Department/s are you interested in? *
Please choose all that apply, but please note that if you are an Associate Producer, you may only take on an additional Team Lead position within your own Dept.
If you are interested in being Team Lead, which Team/s are you hoping to lead?
Please choose all that apply.
Comments? Questions? All welcome!
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