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Shine Event 2018
It's a day for girls to get together, dress up, have tea time and listen to encouraging messages! We will also talk about relationships and marriage :)

Hosted by: Lifehouse Osaka

日時: 10月13日(土)
Date: October 13 (Saturday)
ドアオープン:1:45pm (セットアップ1時から)4:30終了
Door Open: 1:45 pm (set up from 1pm) 4:30pm Finish

場所: 大阪府立男女共同参画・青少年センター(ドーンセンター)
Venue: Dawn Center
closest station Tenmabashi station (Tanimachi or Keihan)

参加費: 大人 1,000円
    高校生以下 無料
Fee: 1000 yen (FREE for students under 18)

*1歳からは託児室があります。(1人200円 要申し込み)
*There is kids care provided from 1 years old (200 yen per child, need to be registered in advance)

**Dress code
Please include ribbons or floral pattern (or flower) in your fashion

Please pay to your connect group leader beforehand. If you are not in connect group you can pay on the day.

** 支払い後のキャンセル時は返金ではなく、tejasに献金となります。
There will be no refund for cancellation after payment, the money will be donated to tejas.

** 当日は、トレードマーケットも開催します!
We will have Trade Market on the day. Bring any clothing items, shoes or bags that you want to give away (up to 2 items per person) Must be in good condition.

**参加費の一部、トレードマーケットの売り上げはインドのTejas ASIAに寄付されます!
The registration fee and sales will be going to Tejas ASIA in India.
Tejas Asia website: Lifehouse Missions Trip to Tejas Asia: テジャスについて(日本語):ミッション/

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料金 Fees *
コネクトグループリーダー(いない場合は「いない」と記入) Connect group leader (write "none" if you are not in connect group) *
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キッズケアが必要な場合は子どもの名前と年齢を記入してください。(1人200円)If you need kids care please write down your child's full name and age (200 yen per child)
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**Dress code- Please include ribbons or floral pattern (or flower) in your fashion **ドレスコードリボンかフローラルなものを身につけてください(ワンポイントでもOK!) *
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