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Sonoma's Haven Boarding Contract
The following is the (Rescue Group/Organization/Individual Rescuer/Sponsor) information sheet, a contract, a responsibility sheet and a questionnaire.

Please ensure you are able to provide proof of your rescues’ vaccinations and that they are all up to date. This includes rabies (if of age) and all boosters. You will need to provide a vet certificate or some form of certificate stating vaccinations have been received. This is mandatory for all dogs. You can email a copy to the email address provided or I can make copies upon arrival. If your Group/Organization administers vaccinations themselves, I will need a detailed information as to the vaccinations given, date and signed off by representative of the Group/Organization. No dog will be accepted unless vaccinations are up to date. Should the dog require vaccinations and you are unable to handle prior to the dogs arrival please let me know and we can coordinate appointment and transport upon arrival. Rescues are responsible for supplying monthly preventive.

Please keep dogs leashed or crated until they are safely inside of building.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me, email me, or message me. I am always accessible.

Thank you again for choosing Sonoma’s Haven.

Leticia Allred

Boarding Fees & Misc Fees (Effective June 1, 2018)
Subject to change with notice
Please call prior to pick up/drop off so I can ensure to be available.
Boarding Fee is $17 per day
Boarding fee includes dog food. Should the dog require special dog food this is the responsibility of the rescue to provide.
(Special rates can be discussed for moms with pups or siblings sharing a kennel)
Rates are “Per Day”
Fees apply to the day of drop off and day you pick up regardless of the time you have dropped off or picked up.

Payment may be cash, check, or any major credit/debit card. There will be a $40 charge for insufficient funds.
A deposit (payment) must be made at drop off for a minimum of 14 days; unless we know your stay will be less than 14 days, then the payment will be needed for that # of days. Prior to the 14th paid day being up another 14 day must be made. If you know your rescued pup will be staying for a certain amount of days in excess of 14 days you may pay for those days in full if you choose. Should there be special payment needs please discuss with me. We will work with you as best we can. A credit card must be placed on file for all new guests. If you choose to pay by others means, CC will not be charged unless payment has not been made within 4 days of invoice date. You may provide an email address where paypal invoices can be sent and paid upon receiving. If a dog leaves before 14 days are finished the leftover amount can be credited towards another dogs stay.

All dogs must have a collar upon arrival.
If we have donated collars in stock we can provide one.

On arrival all dogs will be bathed as needed.
Transportation fees: To/From vet appointments; pick up/drop offs - .56 per mile with a 25 mile radius limit. Any Transportation further than 25 miles will need to be discussed.
No adoption event transportation is offered this will need to be arranged by the rescue.
Rescue is responsible for supplying monthly preventative for heart worm and fleas.
All dogs of age must be on a flea and heart worm preventive. If not I will administer preventative and add to bill. If fleas are severe Capstar will be given. Dogs will be given a dosage of dewormer on arrival if dog has not been dewormed within the last 30 days. Rescues may supply their own deworm needs to be separate monthly prevention.
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Alternate person & cell phone who may pick up or drop off: (If not listed on form we will contact before releasing for authorization):
Dog Name:
Age (Estimate if Unsure):
Weight: (Dogs are weighed upon arrival and weekly weigh in)
Valid Rabies Tag/License #:
Gender? *
Spayed/Neutered? *
Chipped? *
Phone #:
Please send copy of Immunization records for your dog.
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Bordatella (If dog has not received within the last 30 days a booster is required. Please understand even though vaccinated does not guarantee dog not contracting Kennel Cough):
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Heartworm Status
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Flea/Tick Preventative: (Please list when next dosage is due)
Heartworm Preventative: (Please list when next dosage is due)
Medication Currently On: (Please list name and dosage amounts)
Any thing specific the does not like or need to watch for while the dog is here?
Comfortable with being bathed?
Comfortable with nails being trimmed
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Any sensitive spots:
Biting or growling at people (Dogs that have shown or do show aggression towards people will not be able to stay at Sonoma's Haven due to liability) *
Aggressiveness with other dogs (Explain)
Food Aggression? (Please explain if yes)
Jumping Over Fence: *
Jumping on People: *
Sonoma’s Haven will keep the premises sanitary and properly enclosed and exercise reasonable care for the safety of your dog. All dogs will be housed in safe, clean quarters. All dogs will be fed properly and regularly. Sonoma’s Haven cannot be liable for damage or loss by or to dogs at this facility. Some dogs being boarded at the facility may have other dog aggression. Caution is taken while handling all dogs and such dogs do not participate in group play activity however there is always a risk of an unpreventable event to occur. If such event occurs rescue will not hold Sonoma's Haven or its staff liable for vet bills associated with the incident.

Rescue/Owner understands the concept of dog boarding, group play, and overnight boarding is to allow dogs to socially interact with both humans and dogs. Dogs in group play participate in supervised activities such as fetch, jumping, playing with toys; there is always a possibility of injury resulting from rough play between dogs. The Rescue/Owner agrees that any injury to their dog during their use of the facility shall not bring any liability of any type on the part of Sonoma’s Haven or the rescues that board at the facility.

PHOTO AND VIDEO RELEASE: We love to post pictures and videos on Facebook and our website. Rescue/Owner agrees to allow Sonoma's Haven to use rescues pet’s name and any images or likeness of rescues pet taken while he/she is at Sonoma's Haven, in any form, for use at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials without compensation, and rescue releases to Sonoma's Haven all rights that rescue may possess or claim to such image, likeness, recording, etc.

DOG’S HEALTH: Rescue/Owner understands that even if Rescue/Owner(s) dog is vaccinated for Bordetella (Kennel Cough)and/or Canine Influenza there is a chance that the Rescue(s) dog can still contract Kennel Cough and/orCanine Influenza. Rescue/Owner agrees that Rescue/Owner will not hold Sonoma's Haven responsible for any costs arising from Rescue/Owner’s dog(s) contracting any dog-dog transmitted ailments. Rescue/Owner understands special-needs dogs, young puppies, and senior dogs naturally have a higher risk of injury, stress-related illnesses, weakened immune system, or exacerbation of any pre-existing or breed specific condition. As such, by using our facility for boarding the Rescue/Owner is waiving any claim for injury or illness experienced by Rescue/Owner’s dog while in our care. Dogs should receive Bordetella within last 30 days prior to arrival at our facility.

Rescue/Owner agrees to inform our facility if the dog is showing any signs of being sick, has fleas (rescue will be charged for flea bath/Capstar), or that its behavior may jeopardize the safety and health of other dogs and/or our staff. If rescue is not using a vet approved flea prevention and fleas appear we will require that a capstar and nexgard are given and will be invoiced on the boarding invoice.

Abandonment shall automatically relinquish all rights and claims by the Rescue/Owner to the animal. Abandonment is determined to be the refusal to provide or perform the legal obligations for care of the animal by its Rescue or Agent.

Sonoma’s Haven is authorized by the Rescue/Owner to seek veterinary care,
including emergency care, at the owner’s expense. If time permits Sonoma’s Haven will try and contact you before obtaining any care; however, this form serves as the authorization Sonoma’s Haven needs to obtain veterinary care for your dog regardless. The Rescue/Owner is responsible for veterinarian expenses and transportation, whether or not the owner was reached in advance.

We believe in quality and compassionate care for the dogs that are here with us. Many dogs we take in we do not know their past. During their stay with us we want to ensure if a dog becomes hospice that their treatment and quality of life is the best during their final days. We will seek advice from our partner vet and follow care using our vets advice. Should the rescue disagree with the treatment plan and end of life care the dog will need to be picked up and other arrangements made by the rescue.

The Rescue/Owner agrees to pay all charges for boarding as is described in the Boarding Fees section.

The Rescue/Owner covenants not to initiate any legal proceedings of any sort against Sonoma’s Haven as a result of illness, injury, damage or death to owner’s dog while staying at Sonoma’s Haven and agree that, should the owner bring a legal action against Sonoma’s Haven, the correct result of such a legal action should be a summary dismissal in favor of Sonoma’s Haven and the owner will also agree to pay Sonoma’s Haven costs, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees.

I will notify Sonoma’s Haven of any changes to the pickup date and assume full responsibility for any additional charges. The Rescue/Owner hereby agrees to waive and release Sonoma’s Haven and their employees/volunteers from any right that you may have in law to recover medical payments, bodily injury damages, or property damages for any liability regardless of the cost, as a result of any injury resulting from the actions of my dog, any other dog, or any humans. I hereby agree to the pet care authorization form as the Rescue/Owner of the dog. I also certify that my rescued dog is/are in good health and do not show any signs of illness that may be contagious. Furthermore, I certify that all the information provided about my rescued/owned dog is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have read, understand, and agree to all the provisions of this form.
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