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"Dress to Manifest" Style Box Form
After your payment is received AND you fill out this order request, please allow 10-14 business days for your style box to be completed. Should you have any questions please email them to
Are you a new or existing client?
What are your measurements? Bust, Waist, Hips
Are there any specialty areas that you may want me to be aware of include measurements if possible (i.e. thick thighs, long arms, etc).
Aspired Occupation?
Aspired Occupation?
If you were to pass away ( Lord forbid) what three qualities would you want to be remembered for ( be as specific as possible- beyond just nice):
What do you want to see manifest this upcoming year in your life?
Are there any patterns/ styles/ colors that you will not wear?
What do you in your free time (ie. hobbies, social involvement, clubs, etc)?
If you could change one thing about your style what, if anything would it be?
Attach 2-3 photos of looks that you like
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