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TiEcon Florida 2018 Request To 'Present Your Startup'
TiEcon Florida 2018 is coming up soon. Save Saturday March 31, 2018 on your calendar.

Thank you for your interest in 'Present Your Startup' to be held by TiE Tampa Bay with its partners, of March 31st, 2017. A representative may contact you by March 20th, 2017 for more details before making a determination.

Even if you do not get selected for TiEcon Florida 2017's 'Present Your Startup', do consider attending, because it is never too late to start building relationships with other entrepreneurial members, speakers, and angel investors mingling in the gathering. Membership has several advantages including year-long networking and inspirational events.

The event is free for members of TiE Tampa Bay and for the startups who are selected to pitch at the Shuffle. Visit to learn about membership. To register for the event as a non-member of TiE Tampa Bay and to stay for the entire evening including dinner and networking, register at

'Present Your Startup' at TiEcon Florida is a prestigious forum during the TiEcon Florida Annual Conference, that offers 10 startups with a platform for their brand to gain visibility to TiE's extensive global network.

The top three startups as determined by our distinguished panel of judges, will
(a) further enjoy an opportunity to pitch for funding at a subsequent TiE Tampa Angel Forum
(b) enjoy a mention in a special TiEconFL 2018 post-event press release, and
(c) enjoy an opportunity to have their elevator pitch shared with TiE Angels Alliance, an alliance of 3,000+ Charter Members / Investors in 60+ TiE chapters in 17 countries (

Submission of this form is not a guarantee to be invited to Present Your Startup at TiEcon Florida 2018. Submissions go through a review process by Charter Members who are angel investors. You may be contacted for further clarification during pre-screening. This pre-screening form has been designed for TiEconFL in consultation with Charter Members and TiE Tampa Angels, who further recommend reading for tips on how to differentiate oneself.

What is the name of you startup venture? *
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What incubator or accelerator are you a part of? *
You may apply even if you are not a part of any incubator or accelerator.
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How would you describe your company or product to a 3rd grader? *
Assume that the judges are not from your industry.
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Provide a draft of your 60-second elevator pitch (Optional but Strongly Recommended)
We recommend that your elevator pitch cover the following: • What pressing need is your startup addressing • How is that need being addressed before you • What is your approach and why is it superior to others • What resources do you need to built out your vision • How big is your market-size and how do you plan to distribute your product and grow. (Assume that the reviewer is not from your industry). You may certainly modify this pitch before you go on stage, should you make the cut.
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The startup company's website address *
Start with http://
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The startup's product-launch date *
past date if you have already launched, OR planned launch date if you haven't yet launched.
Founder's name, and title *
If there are several co-founders, please provide one founder as a key point of contact
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An email address to contact the founder *
Please ensure accuracy, as this will be our only way to contact the founder
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Cell phone number of a founder *
Enter only the digits, without - or ( ). Please ensure accuracy, as this will be our only way to contact the founder instantly
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Who told you about this event? *
Please be as specific as possible, so that we know which of our outreach efforts have worked.
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Any closing thoughts? Or feedback? Or share what you hope to accomplish if you get invited to pitch at the competition.
Please limit your response to 2,000 characters.
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