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Why do you think working with Steve at All In 1 Handyman is the best decision in your development of your home improvement and business skills?  (Please explain) *
One of the major skills in the home improvement, repair, and installation work is problem solving, do you see yourself as a great problem solver?  (Please explain) *
Have you run your own business before, if so, how did it go working with clients and home owners?  (Please explain) *
In this training are you looking for coaching on building strong customer relationship skills?  (Please explain) *
How do you learn new skills, by watching and doing, or by someone telling you how to do something and then going and try to duplicate what was described to you?  (Please explain) *
Do you learn better in a group or more on a one on one training? (Please explain) *
Would you and others see you as a self motivated person, please explain why or why not?
Are you in a position to invest $1,000 - $5,000 into yourself and to learn and master new trade skills? (NOTE: this is not necessarily the price of any program we offer, we ask this to see where you are in the process of learning new skills and growing your business?  (Please explain)
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