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Antisemitism Open Letter
We are Labour members who support Jeremy Corbyn in his leadership and the progressive, socialist programme and anti-racist principles of the Labour Party.

We have seen antisemitism from Labour members and supporters, online or offline. We recognise that as a movement we have been too slow to acknowledge this problem, too tolerant of the existence of antisemitic views within our ranks, too defensive and too eager to downplay it.

We sincerely apologise to the Jewish community, and our Jewish comrades in the party, for our collective failure on this issue to date.

We believe that a small minority of antisemites are wreaking havoc in the Labour movement, alienating Jewish people, and sabotaging the Labour project. Some of these people are already expelled or otherwise suspended by the party, but remain active on social media. Moreover, there is a much wider problem of denial about the problem, including shouting down those who raise it or take action.

We are acutely aware that confidence in the left is at an all time low within Jewish communities. It is our goal to rebuild trust and relationships with our Jewish compatriots.

In addition, we understand our obligation to be sensitive to the concerns that have already been widely expressed. A particular issue is that many people, due to a general lack of education about antisemitism, are not recognising antisemitic tropes, and as a result often react defensively. We recognise that rising antisemitism in society at large, and in other parties, isn’t a reason to fall short here in the Labour Party. It is our party that has always led the fight against racism, which is why our failures are bitterly disappointing for Jewish members, and as such we affirm that there is no space for anti-Jewish prejudice and bigotry in our movement. We must be at the forefront of eradicating antisemitism from our own spaces and movement, which is where we have the power to hold ourselves to the highest standard in order to make a real difference.

Part of the difficulty is that when speaking out about the injustices of the Israel-Palestine conflict, progressive and radical activists have faced allegations of antisemitism when they have either not been antisemitic or when they did not intend to be antisemitic and took care to ensure they were not using antisemitic tropes or rhetoric. At the same time, we acknowledge that we face real currents of unchallenged and somewhat normalised anti-Jewish oppression in our movements and society at large including at times alongside criticism of Israel. In order to resolve this we call on all members of the Labour movement to seek an end to bunker mentality, demonstrate maturity and prove why, as a party awaiting government, we can be trusted to face up to the challenges we encounter in bringing about significant change both within and outside of the movement.

It is our ambition to arrive at a place where we can hold ourselves accountable, continuing to address important challenges and having meaningful discussions about topics including the Israel-Palestine conflict. All of this whilst being true and committed allies to our Jewish compatriots in the fight against antisemitism.

We are committed to proactively opposing antisemitism and antisemitic tropes wherever they occur and countering efforts to downplay concerns raised. We want to work with the party to urgently assign resources, in consultation with the Jewish community, to expose and isolate antisemites active online purporting to support Labour; to create and develop political education materials to assist in educating those who are ignorant of this subject and unaware of the nuances of antisemitism; to publish a dedicated page on the Labour Party website addressing antisemitism; to address both new and outstanding cases in a timely manner; and to raise up Jewish voices speaking out about their experiences; and to reiterate publicly and privately that dismissive attitudes and denial are part of the problem.

We understand that many Jewish members feel uncertain and have reservations, but we hope that you will stay in the Labour Party, so we can work with you and together eradicate antisemitism from our movement and society as a whole.


Owen George Emmerson - Wealden CLP
Ciaran McGurdy - Manchester Withington CLP
Iwan Doherty- Warwick and Leamington CLP
Danny Cheetham - Denton and Reddish CLP
Eamon Rooke - Islington South
Jack Turner – Hartlepool CLP & Durham University Labour (DULC)
Simon Foster - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Maxim Lundlack-Orr - Ealing and Southall CLP
Steve Lapsley - Nottingham East CLP
David Plant - Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Eli Edwards - Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Jeremy Green - Stroud CLP
David Hooke - Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Chris Spence - Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP & West Midlands Regional Board
Matt Steven - Chipping Barnet CLP
Natalie Faulkner - Sheffield Heeley CLP
Jane Heybroek - East Surrey CLP
Matt Wainman - Liverpool Walton CLP
Donach Malachy Wells CLP
Glyn Harries - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Andrew Jeffery - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
William Sorenson - Henley CLP (Youth Officer)
Alex Blenkhorn - Denton and Reddish CLP
Barnaby Marder - Richmond Park CLP. Founder, Socialists Against Antisemitism
Gary Spedding - Tynemouth CLP
Kenny Love - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
David Clarke - Bootle CLP
Sean Smyth, Bristol West CLP
Ed Poole - Enfield North CLP
Charlotte Faulkner - Sheffield Heeley CLP
Tania Shew - Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Daniel Vulkan - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Henry Mendoza - Tooting CLP
Michael A. Rowan - Islington North CLP
Darren Mansell - Bromsgrove CLP
Freddie Bailey - North Preston & Wyre
Ali Dogan - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Michael Shew - Holborn and St Pancras CLP
George Aylett - Hull North CLP
Patricia Neira - Tynemouth CLP
Hattie Mann-Peet - Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Gareth Anker Hamsptead and Kilburn CLP
Jacob Richardson - Haltemprice and Howden CLP
Christopher Whittaker - Nottingham South CLP
Mark Anderson - Almond Valley CLP
Morgan Paulett - Caerphilly CLP
Mike Hind - Labour International
Jennifer Thorburn - Brent North CLP
Jack Pearce - Stafford CLP
Steve Cooke - Stockton North CLP
Alison Whyte - Hackney North
Joe B - Norwich South CLP
Joel McKevitt - Blackpool North & Cleveleys CLP
Phil Jeffrey - Stockton South CLP
Connor Slomski - Newcastle Upon Tyne Central CLP
David Mazzocchi-Jones - Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP and former PPC for Staffordshire Moorlands
Matthew Green - Sheffield South East CLP
Ellie Mae O'Hagan - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Jon Narcross - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Daniel Round - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Paul Hilder - Lewisham Deptford
Kate Evans - Wells CLP
Jack Duncan - Putney CLP
Kirsty Warren - Buckingham CLP
Peter McCulloch - Stockton North
James Dudley, Darlington CLP
Joseph Robinson - Bournemouth West CLP
Ross Patrick Clark. Melton and Rutland
Muzakir Ahmed- Ilford South CLP
Rose Francis, North Cardiff CLP
Lewis Michael Waddingham - Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Timothy Christian - Fylde CLP
Ewan Jobe - North Tyneside CLP
Emma Jones - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Jacqueline Gittens Norwich North CLP
Daniel Rayner - Carshalton & Wallington CLP
Barney Carroll - Reading East CLP
David Miles Islington South CLP
Ross Clark - Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Moshe Mankoff, Gateshead CLP
George Miller - Sleaford and North Hykeham CLP
Aled Iestyn Lewis - Runnymede and Weybridge CLP
Lynton North - Torridge & West Devon CLP
Charles Smith - York Outer CLP
Ann Pugh - Mitcham & Morden CLP
Julie Franklin Blackley and Broughton CLP
Nikola Stojsavljevic - Amersham & Chesham CLP
Aliy Faisal - Cambridge CLP
Harriet Hey - Selby and Ainsty CLP
Dion Saunders - Bristol East CLP
Adam Ageli - Blackpool South CLP
Harry McCarthy - Colne Valley CLP
Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Robin Arnold - Wolverhampton North East CLP
Daniel Nichols - Romford CLP
Syed Kirmani - Edinburgh Southern CLP
Lawrence Matthews - Manchester Central CLP
Sophie Stephenson - Midlothian CLP
Jaki Whyte - Colchester CLP
Nigel Spencer - Manchester Withington CLP
Nadia Whittome - Rushcliffe CLP
Thomas Kirkwood - Bradford South CLP
Theo Freedman - Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Tim Phillips-White - Wyre Forest CLP
Phill brocklehurst - Yeovil clp
Allan Callister - Salford and Eccles CLP
Adam Smith - Huntingdon CLP
Jamil Ismaili - Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Martin Sellers - Stretford & Urmston CLP
Joy Coughlan - Cardiff North CLP
Fabian Newton-Edgar - Leeds North East CLP
Robert Broad - Portsmouth CLP
Chris Mears - Cardiff North CLP
Mick McAteer - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Rebecca Fewtrell - York CLP
Stuart Nimmo - South Dorset CLP
Geraint James - Anniesland CLP
Neville Hutchinson - Canterbury CLP
Sandra Smith Warrington North CLP
Mark Pettifer - Daventry CLP
Chloe Hopkins - Beverley and Holderness CLP
Georgina Fenn - Brighton KempTown CLP
David Hamblin - Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP
Tony Kearon - Newcastle Under Lyme CLP
Nicola Haigh - Hyndburn CLP
Janis Callister - Salford and Eccles CLP
Jake Rubin - Brent Central CLP
David Mead South Norfolk CLP
Jonathan Paige - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Jordan Hartley - Gillingham and Rainham CLP
Stuart Mills - Exeter CLP
Adam B-S- Dumfries and Galloway CLP
Ed Dingwall - Nottingham South CLP
George Gray - Woking CLP
Martyn Wood-Bevan - Swansea West CLP
Mohsin Abbas - Mole Valley CLP
Rosa Kucharska - Leeds North East CLP
Ansh Bhatnagar - Slough CLP
Damian Phipps - Eddisbury CLP
Clifford Singer - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Mrs M Kirkman, Labour International
Peter Nicholls - Stoke on Trent Central
Lianne Barrett - Warley CLP
Sam Phillips - Vauxhall CLP
Olivia Smith - Vauxhall CLP
Jordan Ashley - North Shropshire CLP
Aidan Harris - Selly Oak CLP
Paul Hilton - Bristol South
Mohammed Shafiq Rochdale CLP
Matt Luetchford - Truro and Falmouth CLP
Henry Aston - Cotswolds CLP & LSE Labour
James Braithwaite- Rochester and Strood CLP
Sean Burke - Brighton Kemptown CLP
Janine Booth - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Arran Benzie Mansfield CLP
Steve Thompson - Sheffield Central CLP
Shea Ferguson- Northern Ireland
Arran Benzie Mansfield CLP
Gareth Hughes - Cardiff Central CLP
Ben Levy - North Dorset
James Fry - Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
L Roden - Richmond Park CLP
Natalie Faber - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Doug Wilson- York Central CLP
Paul Fenney - Stretford & Urmston CLP
Matt Dawber - Wigan CLP
Joanne Mcgovern - Garston & Halewood CLP
Zach Martin - Cheltenham CLP
Phil Burton-Cartledge - Stoke Central CLP
Ed Penington - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Joseph Mullally - Sutton Coldfield CLP
Phil Kibler- North Norfolk
Wrenna Robson - Cambridge CLP
Tyron Wilson - Poplar and Limehouse
Joanne McGovern-Williams - Garston And Halewood CLP
Margaret Landers- St Helens North CLP
Marcus Barnett, Young Labour National Committee
Nathan Syrett - Harrow East CLP
Matthew Jeffery - Milton Keynes CLP
Robert White - Calder Valley CLP
Michael Millar - Nottingham South CLP
Gemma Bolton - Mid Sussex CLP
Sarah Dorman-Lewisham Deptford CLP
Rebecca Gentle (Dudley North CLP)
Bob Simm - Wolverhampton South West CLP
Sam Westover - Tower Hamlets
Yvonne Parmenter - Derby north
Gareth Jones - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Alex Harris-MacDuff - Renfrewshire South CLP
John Rutherford - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Julian Parker Soden - Esher & Walton CLP
Yvonne Parmenter - Derby North CLP
Tom Kennedy - Newcastle upon Tyne East
Pan Robey - Staffordshire CLP
Ryan Bogle - Brighton Kemptown CLP
Rachel Wise - Denton & Reddish CLP
Reyhan Z Dag Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Gareth Brading - Wantage CLP
Chris Boyd - Hove CLP
Dani Passmore - Torbay CLP
Mark Scott - Newcastle Upon Tyne Central CLP
Patrick Howard - Central Devon CLP
Carol Wilcox Christchurch CLP
Lewis Milsted - Richmond CLP
Sandie Goode - Tewkesbury CLP
Lizzy Kelly - Stevenage CLP
Nathaneal Amos-Sansam - Croydon Central CLP
Patrick Jenkins - Kenilworth & Southam CLP
Andrew Forse, Milton Keynes North CLP
Steve Harrison- Broxtowe CLP
Verity Nevitt- Lewisham Deptford CLP
Tom Barringer - Tottenham CLP
Conor Sweeney - Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Luisa Attfield - Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Bettina Saunders - Reigate CLP
Sam Nicklin - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Craig Jones - Burton CLP
Martin Donohue Harrow West CLP
Scott Rogers - Almond Valley CLP
Ben Seifert - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Jonathan Heywood - Tooting CLP
Luke Hawksbee - Harlow CLP
Adam Dockray - Selby and Ainsty CLP
Jude Rowley - Rossendale and Darwen CLP and Lancashire Young Labour
Jeet Chand Mehay - Romford CLP
Jo McGovern Williams- Garston & Halewood CLP
Dan Parks-Esher & Walton
Connor Payne - Gateshead CLP
Frederik Colpman Chester CLP
Hannah Owens - Bury South CLP
Joe Buckingham - Esher and Walton
Paul Savage - Birmingham Edgbaston
Louis Pike - Old Bexley and Sidcup
Daycia Matthews - Coventry South CLP
Claire Newland Ipswich CLP
Connor Hodgson-Brunniche - City of York CLP
Liam Cosgrove- Newcastle East CLP
Jan Clarke, Morpeth CLP
Paul Hurley - North West Norfolk CLP
Alistair Kirk - York CLP
Martin walsh - Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Alex Kemp - Manchester Gorton CLP
Patricia Winning - Nottingham East CLP
Steve H. - Richmond (Yorks) CLP
Benj Eckford - North West Durham CLP
Councillor Georgia Power - Nottingham South CLP
Thomas Jordan - Warley CLP
Sheila Franklin - Macclesfield CLP
Matthew Domine - Hemel Hempstead CLP
Chris Williams - Mansfield CLP
James Doran - Darlington CLP
Janine Booth - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Jazmin Duncan-Rees - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
David Zentler-Munro - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Alex Small - Southend West CLP
Carl Greatbatch - Manchester Gorton CLP
Jacob Mann- Charnwood CLP
Paul Hurley - North-West Norfolk CLP
Krisitna Ramsden - Beverley and Holderness CLP
Roger McCarthy - Bexhill and Battle CLP
Simon Your - Lewisham East CLP
Paul Hurley - NW Norfolk CLP
Luke O'Hagan - Birkenhead CLP
Paul Hurley NW Norfolk CLP
Nicky Cure - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Alena Ivanova, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Tom Rich - Tottenham CLP
Jawwad Mustafa - Sunderland Central CLP
Caroline Powls, Finchley and Golders Green clp
Alex Morris - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Jack Stokes - Runnymede and Weybridge CLP
Billy McLean - Salford and Eccles CLP
Tom Laing, Wallasey CLP, Chair of Wirral Young Labour
Lily Baker - Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Kyrill Potapov - Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Josh Kitto - Mitcham and Morden CLP
Steve Smith, Brighton Pavilion CLP
Tom Zagoria - Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Sion Davies - Llanelli CLP
Alison Bennewith Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
Luke May - Putney CLP
Hope Gaskin Bootle CLP
Chris Bright - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
James Chittenden - Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Joe Baxter Pentlands (Edinburgh) CLP
Karen Green - Pontypridd CLP
Rosa Hachemi- Enfield North CLP
Lee Rivers - Liverpool West Derby CLP
Nikki Grubb-Clarke - Orpington CLP
Tim Blunt - East Ham CLP
John Boran, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Nathan Phillips - Brighton Kemptown CLP
Peter Horning - Exmouth CLP
Murray Steele - West Lancs CLP
Debbie Friedman - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Cathy Driscoll - Twickenham CLP
Lewis Jones - Nottingham South CLP
Kiran Khan - Crawley CLP
Karen Haywood Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP
John Foster - Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP
Sean Meleady- Norwich CLP
Oliver Chamberlain - East Surrey CLP
Sandra Newing-Griffiths Taunton Deane CLP
Susan Thomas - Swansea West CLP
Claire Hooper - Mid Worcestershire
Adam White - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Jayne Egerton Lewisham Deptford CLP
Sally McDonald - Gower CLP
Ben Whale - Manchester Central CLP
Patricia Thompson - lsle of man CLP
David Curtis - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Cathrine Tina Spence - Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Paul Bridle - Tonbridge & Malling CLP
Connor Rogerson - Eccles CLP
Cllr David Meller - Stockport CLP
Daniel Davison-Vecchione - Cambridge CLP
Rita Potter - Cheadle CLP
Oscar Power - Taunton Deane CLP
Laurence Coles - Tooting CLP
Kieran Pritchard - Gower CLP
Harry Hayball, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Matt Megarry - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Theo Clarke - Halton CLP
Mandy Thompson - Salisbury
Luke Coleman - West Cotswolds CLP
James Shering - Salisbury
Joseph Croft - Islington North CLP
Aaron Horsley - Hull North CLP
Andrew Coates - Ipswich CLP.
Sara Osman - Washington and Sunderland West CLP
Connor Bowdler - Central Devon CLP
Martin Farrell - Fulham
Andrew Bellingall - West Lancashire CLP
Martin MacLennan - Birmingham, Perry Barr CLP
Andrew Draper - Ogmore CLP
Ryan Coley - Richmond Park CLP
Claire Launchbury (Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP)
Adam Quane - CLP
Ben Beach — Leigh CLP
James Rosen - Ealing North CLP
Patricia Johnston - Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP
Michael Dixon - North Durham CLP
David Wood - Islington South and Finsbury CLP
Lorna Crawford - North Tyneside CLP
Brenda Boland - Wansbeck clp
James Fookes - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Frank Starbuck - Labour Internatoinal CLP
Jamie Dagg - Bristol West CLP
Adam Peggs - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh - Cambridge CLP
Didier Alexandre - Aberdeen Central CLP
Rebecca Jenkins - Ogmore CLP
Andy Lyons - Liverpool Walton CLP
Joseph Crawley - Islington North CLP
Jack Scott - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Niamh Corcoran - Newcastle East CLP
Ian Anderson - Argyll and Bute CLP
Stan Brown - Birmingham CLP
Dan Sharp - North Somerset CLP
Ben Aldam - Wakefield CLP
Alex Smallwood - Warrington North CLP
Helen Chaplin - Warrington South CLP
Sean Keogh - Blackpool North CLP
Stephanie Purcell- Bristol West CLP
Michael Grant - Exeter CLP
George Holmes - East Leeds CLP
Tyler Smith - Solihull CLP
Jon Argles - North Somerset CLP
Kawsar Kamal - Peterborough CPL
Helen Bailey - Bristol
Jay Fenn - St Austell and Newquay CLP
Graeme Hyslop OBE - South Ayrshire/Soyth Scotland Region
Phil Legg - Lewisham CLP
Anna Phillips - Exeter CLP
Stacey Vail - Coventry North West CLP
Oscar Saxby - Guildford CLP
Sue Olive - Hove CLP)
Jimi Cullen - Oxford East CLP
Daniel Clark - Leeds North West CLP
Sam Mézec - International CLP
Cai Ellerton - Vale of Glamorgan
Glenn Fisher. Romford clp
Nathan Corbyn - Burton CLP
Olive Wilmshurst - Rugby CLP
Stefan Mohamed - Bristol East CLP
Tommy Edwards - Waltham Abbey CLP
Sue Coe - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Samuel Sweek - Huntingdon CLP
Harry Farmer - Tottenham CLP
Niall Davey - Leigh CLP
Dougie Cuthill - Bath CLP
Lewis Jamieson - Garston & Halewood CLP
Peter Wright - Chesham & Amersham CLP
Daniel Rance - North Devon CLP
Steve Miller - Bridport CLP
Morag Innes - Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Brian Devlin - East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Angela Malone - Newport West CLP
Paul Booker - Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP
Aisha Malik-Smith, Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP
Gareth Townsend - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Amie Retallick - Lewisham West & Penge CLP
Michael Cleverly - Chippenham CLP
Rosey Merrell - Leicester South CLP
Joe Pinder - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Samantha Reed - Chair, Rayleigh & Wickford CLP
Brian Johnson - Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP
David Tasker - Pudsey CLP
Nick Waterman - Rugby CLP
Kieran Burke - High Peak CLP
Zoë Barber- Colchester CLP
Simon Cowan - Southwark CLP
Emily Dove - Leeds West CLP
Rob Agar - Truro and Falmouth CLP
Tom Greatrex - Wantage CLP
Rosemary Dale - Edinburgh South CLP
Mark Heer - Derby North CLP
Susie Plant - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Susan Dellet - Bermondsey & Old Southwark
James Holah Ruislip - Northwood and PinnerCLP
Lesley Thomas - Liverpool Walton CLP
Susan Beatson - kemptown and Peacehaven CLP
Homayon Zeary - Lewisham East CLP
Anne Amison - Walsall South CLP
Anni Green - North Cornwall CLP
Joseph Bates - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Lloyd Duddridge -Ilford North CLP
Ian Jones - Neath CLP
Siobhan McCauley - Eltham CLP
Daniel Willis - Mitcham & Morden CLP
Jonny Paylor, CLP Secretary - Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP
Joe Duffy - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Gareth Watts - Broxtowe CLP
Tim Smyth - West Bromwich West CLP
Pauline Moriarty - Newcastle East
Curtis James Smith - Burnley
Gareth Farquhar - Putney CLP
Gwyn Rees - Eastleigh CLP
Stuart Watkin - Tooting CLP
Joäsh Taylor – Forest of Dean CLP
Steven Matthews - Salford and Eccles CLP
Bel Pearce - Hammersmith CLP
Matthew Harrison - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Anthony Silvester - Enfield North
Jon Falkingham - Labour and West Somerset CLP
Deborah Sazer - Gower CLP
Simon Brignell - Huntingdon CLP
James Witt - Leytonstone CLP
Sharmina August - Salford and Eccles CLP
Ian Thomas - Vale of Glamorgan CLP
Rory James Lee - Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
John Anderton, Gower CLP
Steve Wright - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
P Rees - Sheffield Healey
Phil Whelans - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Richard Lees - Hartlepool CLP
Andrew Trafford - Gloucester CLP
Dean Carrick - Sunderland Fulwell
Tamar El-Menshawy - Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
Patrick Glen - Manchester Gorton CLP
Polly Hill - Bristol West CLP
Martin Dunbar - Hartlepool CLP
Rhea Wolfson - Almond Valley CLP
Joe Maclaren - Wyre & Preston North CLP
David Jacobs - Hertford and Stortford CLP
Steven Bedford - Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Kate Culshaw - Wavertree, Liverpool CLP
Jane Sammonds -Thanet CLP
Matthew Stuart - Macclesfield CLP
Amanda Cole - Bristol West CLP
Mick Lickman - Eastleigh CLP
Kirsty Brian - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Mark Benfold- Ashford CLP
W Dean Manchester Gorton CLP
Mike Donaldson - Hull North CLP
Gary Smyth - Worthing West CLP
Philip Jones - Neath CLP
Emily Jones - Southampton Test CLP
Olly Haynes - Banbury and Bicester CLP
Josh Williams - Selly Oak CLP
Reuben Shapland - Lewisham, Deptford - CLP
Matthew Tyerman- North Durham CLP
Luke Farley - Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Steven Dando - Southend West
Jordan Millward - Stoke-on-Trent Central CLP
Clair Gwilliam - Ogmore CLP
James Trench - Walthamstow CLP
Susan Jones - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Amanda Ross - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Suzanne Lewis - Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP
Alasdair Stewart - Glasgow Kelvin
Dougal Macqueen - South West Surrey CLP
Tariq Jabbar - Bradford South CLP
Lewis Brown - North East Bedfordshire CLP
David Napier- Uxbridge & South Ruislip CLP
Ron Reader - Enfield North CLP
Jorge Ferros - South Herefordshire CLP
Peter mccann south Yardley clp
M.Leatherland. Ashfield CLP.
Mark Lucas - Stoke-on-Trent CLP
Ed Armston-Sheret - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Louise Richards Colchester north and harwich CLP
James Skinner - Neath CLP
James Spooner South West Herts CLP
HK Norman - University of Essex Labour Society & Colchester CLP
Charles Britton - Harwich & North Essex CLP
Louise Richards - Colchester north and harwich CLP
Robert Hodgson - Leicester west CLP
Khan Doyme - Ealing Central & Acton CLP
Morgan Tooth - Edinburgh Northern and Leith
David Jenkin - Totnes CLP
Kevin Chatterton Stretford and Urmston
Merrill Hayes, Gainsborough CLP
Hamish Scott - Glasgow Anniesland CLP
Christian Brookes - Rutland and Melton CLP
Tom Turner - East Surrey CLP
Jack Faulkner - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Helga Haberdash-South Dover CLP
Matt Zarb-Cousin - Rochford and Southend East CLP
Myrena Coyle South Hull CLP
Trey Taylor - Horsham CLP
Robert Doyle - Dundee East CLP
Steve Bradbury - Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Michael Ross - Harrogate and Knaresborough CLP
Andrew Tidman - South Holland CLP
Paul Walker-Smith Richmond N. Yorks CLP
Alex Fry- Brighton & Hove CLP
Adrian Morris Bekhedda Pavilion Brighton CLP
Danny Thomas - Norwich North CLP
Kirk Williams - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Kit Power - Milton Keynes CLP
Francis Calvert Bolton NE CLP
Andy Ward- Croydon North CLP
Pablo John - Leeds North West
Karl Trevor - Faversham & Mid Kent
Jen Penrose - St Albans
Michael Snowden - East Surrey CLP
Eddie Hyndes - Pudsey CLP
Kevin Price - Coventry South CLP
Samuel Kalejaiye - Dulwhich West Norwood
Spencer Gledhill Hemsworth CLP
Oliver Pockett - Witney CLP
Fabian Breckels - Bristol East CLP
Eric Peliza - Epsom & Ewell CLP
Carol King - Rhondda CLP
Barney Kemball - Stone CLP
Patrick Murphy, Leeds NE
Yvonne Robinson - North Herefordshire CLP
Katherine Angela Everitt - North Somerset CLP
Mikey Walsh - Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Michaella Hughes - High Peak CLP
Michelle Parsons - Torbay CLP
Cllr James McAsh - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Owen Lloyd-Jones - North Somerset CLP
Jon Pepper - Reigate CLP
Jacob Tait-Bailey, Cheltenham CLP
Tom Manning - Garston and Halewood CLP
Edd Mustill - Sheffield Heeley CLP
Conor Stewart - Birkenhead CLP
Mike Williamson - Edinburgh Central CLP
Daniel Stone - Tottenham CLP
James Cooke - North Somerset CLP
Dawson Michael Pugh-Cannock
John Rodge - Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Alex Economou - Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
John Wilson - North Somerset CLP
Adrie van der Meer Lewisham Deptford CLP
Kai Stuart - Edinburgh Central CLP
Cllr Joseph Stevens - Rossendale and Darwen CLP (Vice Chair)
Daniel Weegmann - Bury South CLP
Adam Priestley - Ashton-under-Lyne CLP
Mark Tucker - Chippenham CLP
Catherine Bacon - Liverpool Wavertree CLP
Nick Creaby-Attwood - Hexham CLP
John mason. Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP
Sabina Bowler-Reed - North Somerset CLP
Rachel Harley Thirsk and Malton CLP
Nikolaus Barbie - Derby North CLP
Dan Lewis - Swansea West CLP
David Braniff-Herbert - Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Paul McGowan - Liverpool Walton CLP
Andi Turner - Hartlepool CLP
James Ritchie - Newcastle East CLP
Alan Turner - Hartlepool CLP
Hamzah Sheikh - Birmingham Hodge Hill CLP
Sam Durkin - Southampton Test CLP
Kaveh Ellis-Radahd - Rochdale CLP
FionaTurner- Welwyn Hatfield
Lily Madigan - Labour Students National Women’s Officer
Juliet R Birkbeck- Manchester Withington CLP
Julian Gillespie - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Margy Newens - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Mary Evans Young - Banbury
Johanna Spiers - North Somerset CLP
Joe Lo - Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Michael Fitchett,- Loughborough
Bernadette Linfoot York
Robert Stonham - Hammersmith & Fulham CLP
George Foster - Epping Forest CLP
Patrick Elliot - Chelsea and Fulham CLP
Mark Corner - Worsley & South Eccles CLP
Jessica Hindley - Leigh CLP
Paul Whitmore Harrogate and Knaresborough
Thomas Thrift - Bognor and Littlehampton CLP
David Gould - South West Herts CLP
Peter Clarke - Halton CLP
Dr Dave Madill - Doncaster North CLP
Luke Farley - Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Alfie Steer - Oxford East CLP
George Wheeler- Liverpool Riverside CLP
Dave Rogan Macclesfield CLP
Malcolm Dawes Poole CLP
Chris Percival - Gosport CLP
Gareth Phillips - Washington and Sunderland West CLP
Terry Moore International Labour IL
Liz Willows, Lydney and Tidenham CLP
Brian Nash Kingswood CLP
Tom Boothroyd - North Somerset
Huw Jones - SE Cambs CLP
Mark Tucker - Chippenham CLP
Sarah Doyle Riverside CLP
Sean Leggatt-Bulaitis - Leeds Central CLP
Connor Naismith - Crewe & Nantwich CLP, North West Young Labour Vice Chair
Callum McCormick - Strathkelvin and Bearsden CLP
George Norman, York Central CLP
Linda Petty - Leeds West CLP
Alex Stuart - Guildford CLP
Anthony Kelly - Hartlepool CLP
Kaveh Ellis-Radahd - Rochdale CLP
Susan Sassoon Bromley CLP
Rebecca Jadav- Gedling CLP
James Craigie - founder We Support Jeremy Corbyn facebook group and North Devon CLP
Adam Evans - Garston and Halewood CLP
Darryl Telles Hove CLP
Michael Spence - Stretford and Urmston
Jacob Miller- York Central CLP
Charlie Hind - Leeds Central CLP
Annie Hatley - Norwich South CLP
Dean Buttery - Solihull CLP
Ross Bofinger Broxtowe CLP
Cllr Jess Lennox - Leeds North East CLP
Jacob Goddard - Leeds North East CLP
Andy Walpole - Hornchurch & Upminster CLP
Cheryl Dunn - Newcastle East CLP
Dave Aldwinkle - Leeds Central CLP
Nik Barstow, Stretford and Urmston CLP
Julia Daynes- North Somerset CLP
Viki Miller - Fylde clp
Fran Belbin - Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Martyn Rush (Oxford East)
Daniel Parker- Manchester Gorton CLP
Linda McDonald Darlington CLP
Ian Sugarman - Shrewsbury CLP
Ann Brandon - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Damian Bailey - Salford & Eccles
Martin Pagel - Torbay CLP
James Allen - Manchester Withington CLP
Corinne Bailey - Wyre Forest CLP
Matt Valentine - Battersea CLP
Karen Watson Calderdale CLP
Sharon Morgan - Montgomeryshire CLP
Oliver Daly - Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Dan Smith - North Somerset CLP
Malcolm Duckett Upper Eden CLP
Jonathan Mitchell - Southampton Itchen CLP
Emily Kinder - East Hampshire CLP
Lesley Saunders Dorset South CLP
Mike Eakins - Weaver Vale CLP
Sally McArthur Shipley
Jamie Macbeth - Erewash CLP
Tom van de Bilt - Saffron Walden CLP
Sarah Macgregor - Bracknell CLP
Duncan Davis - Nottingham South CLP
Nigel Colley - Lincoln CLP
Des Byrne - Newcastle u Lyme CLP
Marc Hatton - Stretford and Urmston CLP
James Whiting - Mitcham and Morden CLP
Geoff Moss - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Ralph Swift - Birkenhead CLP
Jack Brown - Coventry North East CLP
Peter Charles - Bexleyheath & Crayford CLP
Antony Riley - Leeds North West CLP
James Jacobs - Broxtowe CLP
Mark Donaldson Nottingham East
Jason Collins - West Ham CLP
Sue Banks Pendle CLP
Frazer Healy - Redcar CLP
Ben Joyce - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Linda Foster - Enfield North
Danny Filer - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Joe Hurst - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Ryan Stevens - Altrincham and Sale West CLP
Sarah Harper - York Central CLP
Keiron Shaw - Gosport Labour Party
Joseph Smith- Bermondsey and southwark
Morgan Veitch - Truro and Falmouth CLP
Kim Charnley Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
Kas Witana - Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP
Sam Travers - Newark CLP
Allan Jones Bury North CLP
Anne Kirkman- Bury North CLP
Nick Parsons - Gosport CLP
Joshua Smyth - Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Dee Trotter - Gosport CLP
Daniel Kennedy - Erdington CLP
Cormac O'Neill - Liverpool Riverside CLP
John O'Donoghue - Oxford East
Paul Belbin - Hemsworth CLP
Jonny Roberts - Newbury CLP
David Cookson - Liverpool West Derby CLP
Susan Reynolds-Pontypridd
Ciaran Kennedy - Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
Wilf Skinner- Colne Valley CLP
Chris Wright - Beckenham CLP
Patrick Roxburgh Broxbourne CLP
Nicholas Hill - South Staffordshire CLP
Jan Hurst Cambridge CLP
Angie Ray Dover & Deal CLP
Matthew Shannon - Leeds North West CLP
Dan Garrigan - Battersea CLP
John Fawcett Camborne and Redruth
Lindis Percy - Knaresborough and Harrogate CLP
Patricia Morrison - York Central CLP
Samuel Armstrong - Leeds West
Keir Radnedge (North Somerset)
Elizabeth Reilly, North Somerset CLP
Annique Doucet. Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP.
Jordan Tansley Weston-super-Mare CLP
Stephen Waters. Killingworth CLP
Diane Starling Bath CLP
Mike Smallman - Brent Central CLP
R Barnett Labour International CLP
Alan Jeffries - North Somerset CLP
Syeda Rahman - SUNDERLAND
Kate Swindlehurst - Cambridge CLP
Matthew Dickinson - Salford CLP
Ben Hooper - Exeter CLP
Shaun Dovaston - Penge and Cator CLP
Joseph Hopkinson - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Ben Polwin - Tottenham CLP
Adam Brodie - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Nicholas Kouyoumdjian Eddisbury CLP
Craig Lee - Hackney CLP
Wayne Broom - Honiton and Tiverton CLP
Zoe Longbottom - Islington North CLP
C Mullins - Romford CLP
Christopher Davidson - Waveney CLP
A.Walker Wythenshawe & Sale East CLP
Samuel O’Hara - New Cross CLP
Sarah Banks - Lincoln CLP
Tim Duly - Hemsworth CLP
William Singh - Hove CLP
George Baker - Blackley and Broughton CLP
Jeff Hurran - North Somerset CLP
Marnanel Thurman - Salford and Weaste CLP
Holly Smith - Tynemouth CLP
Gareth Davies - Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Jake Milner - Darlington CLP
Andrew Simpson-Lynas - Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
Bob Katz - Altrincham and Sale west LLP.
Angela Perrett- Filton & Bradley Stoke CLP
Caitlin Ridgway - Christchurch CLP
Nick Dedman - Burnage CLP
Diana Jeuda Scarborough and Whitby CLO
Maria Bagnall - Charnwood CLP
Ryan Gouldsboro - Lewisham Deptford clp
Ruberta Bisson - Huntingdonshire
Linda Allison - Edinburgh East CLP
Aaron Matthew Bloom, Merton, Labour Party campaigner and member
Andrew Cotton - Blaenau Gwent CLP
Carl Clarke - Richmond CLP
Rev. Conroy - Clackmannanshire CLP
Najib Yusuf - Runnymede & Weybridge CLP
Rob murray Bournemouth west CLP
Paul Squires - Liverpool West derby CLP
William Bell- Gateshead
Margaret Henderson CLP
Kevin Jordan - Erith & Thamesmead CLP
William Bell-Gateshead CLP
Chris Luker - Totnes CLP
Brian Raymond Clewes- Labour Party NE Derbyshire
Deidre Davis-Monmouth CLP
Mary Catley-Monmouthshire CLP
Erica Gregory - Epsom & Ewell CLP
Steve Reilly - Gateshead CLP
Margaret Dunne, Newcastle Central
Michael Simon Wavertree CLP
Leigh Griffiths - Barnet CLP
Mark Morris Abergavenny
Barry Gooch, Manchester
Ken Sheridan - Stafford CLP
Amitrajit Raajan - Totnes CLP
Huw Elliott - North East Bedfordshire CLP
Clare Edwards - Birmingham Yardley CLP
Kath Woodward Rother Valley
David Norris (Beaconsfield CLP)
Stewart Ford - Rochford and Southend East
Dave Helliwell - East Yorkshire CLP
John Edwards - Bethnal Green and Bow
Anthony Bishop Central Bedfordshire CLP
Marina Kaplais Reading CLP
Nick Tomaszewski Dover Deal CLP
Ben Amponsah - Manchester Central CLP
Derek Kelsey - Wolverhampton SW CLP
Pam Foston - Hull East
Sheila Innes Derby Derbyshire
Scott Macfarlane - Wells
Raymond Corness - Overseas Member Wirral South CLP
Eliot Grigg - Lichfield CLP
Nick Tomaszewski - Dover Deal CLP
Matthew Gribbon - Leicester South
Sean Wisher - Beverley and Holderness CLP
Adrian Whitwell - Sheffield south CLP
Andrea Fiona Laing - Southampton CLP
Stephen Hughes - Bexhill and Battle CLP
Matthew Gribbon - Leicester South CLP
Patricia Christopher - Carmarthen & Dynevor
Fred Rickman - Bristol South CLP
Malcolm Mckinnell - West Derby CLP
Patricia Christopher - Carmarthen & Dynevor
Michael Ellis - Tiverton and Honiton CLP
Jan Hudaverdi - North Cornwall CLP
Steve Cann - Maidenhead CLP
Alex Paton -- Mid Fife & Glenrothes CLP
Colin Carr Newcastle East CLP
Neville Jones Liverpool Wavertree
Graham bliss - Rugby CLP
James Barling Sleaford and North Hykeham CLP
Mike Larcey South West Norfolk CLP
Madeleine Lund - Batley & Spen
Callum Gibson - Hyndburn CLP
Olga Dunning - Don Valley CLP
Andrew Daggett - Peterborough CLP
Roger Spettigue Torridge and West Devon CLP
Kevin Taylor- Central Devon CLP
Dan Jones - Sefton Central CLP
Paul Gilbey - Norwich CLP
Willie McKenna Wealden CLP
Roger Moore - Camborne and Redruth CLP
Mark Cunliffe - St Helens CLP
Doug Gunn - Wimbledon CLP
Paul Melvin-Sheffield CLP
David Foster - North Somerset CLP
Nigel Fox - Winchester CLP
Luke Stronach- Aberdeen Central
Willie McKenna Wealden CLP
Roger L Gilbert - North-West Cambs CLP
Roger Bromley - East Lothian CLP
Cathy Cotgrave Wirral West
Daphne May- wavaney
Hardeep Bains - Derbyshire Amber Valley CLP
Harriet Williams - Holborn and St Pancreas CLP
Andy Pegg - Reading East CLP
Pat Welburn - CLP
Martin Le Brech - Aberdeen Central CLP
Rhoan Bernard - Croydon
Jane Reece - North Somerset CLP
Jake Roney - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Seth Singh Jennings - Streatham CLP
Lesley McLean - North Devon CLP
Cate Murphy - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Deb Grigg - Camborne CLP
Amba Horton - Brent Central CLP
Duncan Ali - Hall Green CLP
Mark Tucker - Chippenham CLP
Sue Monk - Walthamstow CLP
Janine Wallcraft - Morley and Outwood CLP
Thomas M.Frost - Stoke North CLP
Jonathan Dean - Coventry South CLP
Chris Mackenzie-Smith - Reading East CLP
Andrew Armstrong - Newcastle upon Tyne North CLP
Rick Jewell - Sutton & Cheam CLP
Mark Hinchcliffe - Leeds West CLP
Mitchell Evans - Hereford CLP
Tom Winterburn Pudsey CLP
James Roberts - Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP
Sally Margetts-Mullan - Stockport CLP
Hazel Nolan- Cathcart CLP
Peter Foot - North-East Beds CLP
Jeff Higgins Hackney and Stoke Newington
William Marshall south Suffolk clp
Colin Baker Lewes CLP
Dan McEvoy Bournemouth West CLP
Tony Wallis Hinckley &Bosworth CLP
Helen Martlew - Stafford CLP
Stephanie Carter - Plymouth CLP
Mike Levers South Northants CLP
Senan Clifford - Stroud CLP
Hashem Tharb - Islington/London CLP
Emma Fearon- Sefton Central CLP
Delia McNally Jarrow CLP
Alan Sorrell - Dumbarton CLP
Richard E. Hart - Beckenham CLP
Sheila Bates Colne Valley CLP
Robert Neal-Wimbledon CLP
Philip Chapman - Lancaster & Fleetwood CLP
Judith Jones Beverley and Holderness CLP
Maggie Neal-Wimbledon CLP
William Tray - Coventry North West CLP
Bettina Pizer -Cardiff West CLP
Mairead O'Neill- Northern Ireland LP
Mick Megee - Central Devon CLP
David Taylor West Cotswold Branch Stroud CLP
Paul Thompson - Stalybridge & Hyde CLP
Ben Cooper - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
Elaheh Amadien- Enfield North
Paul Ames Eltham CLP
John O'Donovan Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
Geoff Kerrins - Windsor CLP
Adele Williams - Nottingham East CLP
Andrew Sweeting - Barrow in Furness CLP
Alois Brunner - Ynys Mon CLP
Sufyan Ahmed - Bradford West CLP
Ian Dargo-Bromley and Chislehurst
Ivan Regan - Holborn & St. Pancras CLP
Pat Maxwell Sefton Central CLP
Penny Abraham - Hackney South & Shoreditch
Jeremy Hepburn - Nottingham East CLP
Mark Smithson Bassetlaw CLP
Andrew Cassidy-Renfrewshire CLP
Gwyn Morris-Holborn and st pancras
Saleh Mamon -Carshalton and Wallington CLP
Isobel McMillan Holborn and St. Pancras CLP
Yussef Robinson - Edinburgh North & Leith CLP
Francis lawn - Islington north
Anna Reeves - Bournemouth West CLP
Tim Marsden South Holland and the Deepings CLP
Olga Jean Thomas, Dyfor/Meirionnydd CLP
Alan Justice-Weaver Vale CLP
Iain Cameron-Jarrow CLP
Erika Curren South East Cornwall
Miran Mohtashami - North Islington CLP
Mike McCusker - Salford and Eccles CLP
Gary Allen - Hartlepool CLP
Peter Cooper - Mid Devon CLP
Anna Kashdan -Bexhill and Battle CLP
Cllr Nick Tomaszewski. Dover Deal CLP
Lynette McKone. Penrith & Upper Eden
Holger Schmidt - Camborne & Redruth CLP
Phil Gaskell - Boston and Skegness CLP.
nigel crossley dover CLP
Judi Gaskell - Boston and Skegness CLP
Alisoun Morton, Edinburgh South CLP
Dotty Cooper - Stroud
Mark Perryman Lewes CLP
Luciano Giampaglia - Coventry CLP
Jonathan Firth - Calder Valley CLP
Colin Gilbey - Saffron Walden
John Overton Derby South CLP
David Kirk Leeds West CLP
Basharit Hussain - Stoke South CLP
Richard Jones - Manchester Gorton
Eleni Loukopoulou Croydon Central CLP
Phil Chadwick - Exeter CLP
Kelly Anderson Maldon CLP
Michael Oakeshott - Brighton Pavilion CLP
Owen Jones - Islington South CLP
Clare Tigoglu Bath CLP
Jon Rosebank - Witney CLP
Paul Dye - Nottingham East CLP
Laurence Nasskau - Mole Valley CLP
James Simpson - Birmingham Yardley CLP
Tim Whelan - Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Geoff Barker - North West Cambs CLP
Nicki Raine - Mansfield CLP
Maggie Foyer - Battersea CLP
Usama Iqbal - Luton North CLP
Charlotte Rowley - York CLP
Jonathan Perry - Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Robert Parsonson - Dyffryn Ogwen CLP
Sean McGurty - Ainsdale Southport CLP
Steve Davies - Gateshead CLP
David Rapsey - Pontardawe CLP
Louise Heywood - Stockport CLP
Liz Evans - Swansea East CLP
Avril Alexander - Oxford East CLP
Linda Pollitt - Romford CLP
Briony Sloan - Pudsey CLP
Sara Audu - Kensington & Chelsea CLP
Jack Howes - Enfield North CLP
Joseph Razavi - Manchester Gorton CLP
Margaret Val Raworth - Brighton and Hove CLP
Tim Hodgkinson - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Esat Mustafa - Enfield North CLP
Susan Procter - Chesham and Amersham CLP
Paul Ashbrook - Bolton West CLP
Anne Houlton - Ogmore CLP
Paul Blobel - Nottingham East CLP
David Houlton - Ogmore CLP
Ross McCulloch - Moray CLP
Kevin Nussey - Chelmsford CLP
Pam Wheeler - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Nick Hall - Westminster North CLP
Aymer Aysist - Durham CLP
Joyce Heard - Colchester CLP
Malcolm Barnes - Sherwood CLP
Stephen Riggott - Merthyr & Rhymney CLP
Naheem Alam - Pudsey CLP
Pamela Smith - Canterbury CLP
George Finnie - Louth & Horncastle - CLP
Annabel McKinnon - Newcastle East
Michael Reid - Oldham CLP
Julie Setchfield - Croydon Central CLP
Eryl Ward - Pudsey CLP
Paul Shaw - Sutton Coldfield CLP
Angela Powell - Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP
Rose Moss - Weaver Vale CLP
John Billings - Mid-Norfolk CLP
Iain Morris - Milton Keynes North CLP
John Stoddard (Jewish member) - Leamington Spa & Warwick
Tom Barnett - East Hampshire CLP
Ian Irvine - Crawley CLP
John Gray - Bristol West
Alan Smith Rhondda CLP.
Roger Barley : Sutton Coldfield CLP
Richard Lohman - Oxford CLP
Chris Saunders - Leeds
Issac Brown - Romford CLP
Kathy Crossan - South East Cornwall
Jason Lusher - Ipswich CLP
Annie McDermott - Streatham CLP
Terry Higgins - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Gareth Morgan - Nottingham East CLP
Ben Moos-Golding - Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Jacob Marshall - Richmond (North Yorks) CLP
Jerry Fitzpatrick - Croydon Central
Paul Febry - Banes CLP
Chris Lewis - Clwyd West CLP
Uther Naysmith - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Stephen Callaghan - Newcastle CLP
Nigel Dobson - Henley CLP
Stephen Callaghan Newcastle CLP
Hilary Ackland - East Devon CLP
Caoimhe Hale - Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Brian Barton - Milton Keynes North CLP
Michael R.Frost - Stoke North CLP
Brian Tucker - East Cambridgeshire CLP
Jade Owen - Halton CLP
Chris Meachen, Hastings & Rye CLP
Adam Harpin - Barnet CLP
Stephen England - Bristol East CLP
Kenny Wilson - Leicester South CLP
Chris Gould - Staffordshire CLP
Cllr Asghar Khan Leeds Central CLP
Chris Speedy - Leeds NW CLP
Gilly Popham - Ealing Southall CLP
Chris Hall Stockport CLP
Dan Ozarow - Hertsmere CLP
Eden Kaye - The Cotswolds CLP
Matthew Bracken - Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
June Eaton - Calder Valey CLP
Chris Owen Co - North Down CLP
Seb Randall - Harwich and North Essex CLP
Prof Richard John Pike - Loughborough CLP
Anne Bellingham - Croydon Central CLP
Garry Dugdale - Ribble Valley CLP
Neil Leese Louth and Horncastle CLP
Cllr Hilary Mitchell - Wakefield CLP
Cate Tuitt - Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Marcus Tuitt - Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Marcus Fleming - Bethnal Green CLP
Jennifer Frost - Stoke North CLP
David Anderson- Wirral South CLP
Carol Forsberg - Yeovil CLP
Kenneth Alexander Steed - Gainsborough CLP
Patrick Morrello - Stretford and Urmston CLP
Bernie Holland - Harrow East CLP
Jan Lloyd - Milton Keynes CLP
Rob Ryan - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Michael O'Sullivan - Hammersmith CLP
Emma Rees - Tottenham CLP
Paul Crichton Bloomsbury CLP
Laura Parker - Vauxhall CLP
James White - Holborn and St Pancreas CLP
Mike Jackson - North Swindon CLP
Harry Jones - Wigan CLP
Rajitha Mudannayake - Ilford North CLP
Ben Frew - Nottingham East CLP
Amanda Walker - Redcar CLP
Eren Halil - Chingford & Woodford Green CLP
Dr. Klark Atisele - Colchester CLP
Mark Carpenter - Stroud CLP
Helene Ayton - Kingswood CLP
Ellie Ayton - Kingswood CLP
Gareth Thornton – Labour International CLP
Andrew Darrant - Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Cathy Wilson - Wallasey CLP
Mike O’Neill - Oxford West CLP
Stephen Webster - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Lester Hickling - South Cambridgeshire CLP
Adam Gibbs - Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Luke Styles - Hove & Portslade CLP
Howard John Fisher - Tunbridge Wells CLP
Michelle Williamson - Washington and Sunderland West CLP
Katie Williamson - Washington and Sunderland West CLP
Jodie McLoughlin - Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
Joe Booth - Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
Richard Layton - Ceredigion CLP
Olori Grace Alli-Tijani - Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
Joe Waters - Truro CLP
Carl Morris - Leeds North West CLP
Gail Jenkinson - Wirral West CLP
Stuart Burns - Labour International CLP
Shane Surgey - Stocksbridge and Penistone CLP
Jayne Linney - Leicester West
Nigel Williams Llanelli CLP
Matt Ford - Bromley and Chislehurst CLP
Sarah Wooffitt - York
Rita Skilling - Manchester
Ron Eales - Worksop CLP
Lee Dolan - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Jane Scarlett Gray - Rame and Torpoint CLP
Nicholas Martin - North Tyneside CLP
Lisa Tucker-Clemens - Tiverton &Honiton CLP
Bill Clemens - Tiverton & Honiton CLP
Mike Comerford - Wirral West
Daniel Roberts - Aberconwy
Kenny Harper - Liverpool Garston & Halewood CLP
Chris Morehead - Manchester Withington
Callum Egan - Edinburgh Western CLP
Jo Nardi - Esher and Walton CLP
Susan Redshaw - Chichester CLP
Nicholas Hill - Vice chair South Staffordshire CLP
Sara Forfar - Wirral West CLP
Jack Winnack - Leicester South CLP
Jeremy Cole - Havant CLP
Daniel McHallum - North Tyneside CLP
Peter Hayler - Rossendale & Darwen CLP
Daniel Crimes - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
John Mantle - Stockton North CLP.
Peta Malthouse - Woking
Nathan Redfearn - Wirral West CLP
Laraine McCourt - Corby and E Northants CLP
Oscar Talbot - Westminster North CLP
Valerie Smart - Tamworth CLP
John Whitby - Labour International
Giles Stogdon - Canterbury CLP
Joseph Obando McGuffog - Wavertree CLP
John Jeffries - Dover CLP
Mick Antoniw AM - Pontypridd CLP
Kathy Bradshaw - Newcastle Upon Tyne East CLP
Brian Gillies - Corby CLP
Keith Gray - LPNI (Labour Party Northern Ireland)
Janet McClarnon Garston & Halewood CLP
Margot Russell - Midlothian North and Musselburgh CLP
Elizabeth Ponsonby Biggam - Wendover Bucks CLP
Claudine Blythman - Hackney North CLP
Elaine Wilkinson - Stockport CLP
John Wallcraft - Labour International CLP
David Ball - Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Frances Fisher - Buckingham CLP
Michael D. Robson - Labour International CLP.
Stephanie Peet - Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Natalie Wagstaff - Mid Sussex CLP
Simon Hall - Daventry CLP
Luke Elston - Bristol West CLP
Frederick Sullivan-Wallace - Eltham CLP
Luke Elston - Bristol West CLP
Ian Dickinson - St Helens North CLP
David Anderson - Clwyd West CLP
Terry King - Torfaen CLP
David Weeks - Edinburgh South CLP
Kay Coxon - Hailsham and Hellingly Branch
Emma Iley - Witney CLP
John Teller - Bristol West CLP
Barbara Watson - Halton CLP
Hazel Seidel - Colne Valley CLP
Michele McCartan - Harrogate CLP
David Turton - Doncaster North CLP
Mark Hyne - South East Cornwall CLP
Richard Stubbs - Greenwich CLP
Bijon Sinha - Newtown CLP
Jacob Croft- Louth and Horncastle CLP
Christine Eccles - Battersea CLP
Lesley Collins Bristol South CLP
Joe Robinson - Bootle CLP
Luke Scott - Blaydon CLP
Rob Vernon - Macclesfield CLP
Craig Williams Kingswood CLP
Will Haughan - Houghton and Sunderland South CLP
Gary P. Dillon - West Suffolk CLP
Alastair Hastie - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Ian Paterson - Glasgow South CLP
Lee Parks - Camborne and Redruth CLP
Anthony Boulton - Exeter CLP
Zenobia Tata - Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Liz McCann - St Albans CLP
John Ironmonger - Telford CLP
Michael Redhouse Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner clp
Kate Bagenal-Lowe - Berwick CLP
Jason Hill - Stoke-on-Trent North & Kidsgrove CLP
Delys Wallace - South Bradford CLP
Caitlin McKiernan - Walthamstow CLP
Roger Payne - Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
Jean Churm - York Central CLP
Jon Johnson - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Dick Symonds - South Thanet CLP
Mike Wood - Sedgefield CLP
James Monaghan - Calder Valley CLP
Peter Harwood, Norwich CLP
Nick Parlow - Stevenage CLP
Mike Young - Plymouth CLP
Paul Boldrin - Loughborough CLP
Hamish Munro - Aberdeen North CLP
Garry Clay Southampton Itchen CLP
Jose Cavilla -Twickenham CLP
Paul Trotman - Croydon South CLP
Mark Instone Slough CLP
Pauline Black- Coventry South CLP
Brian Cocozza, Glasgow Shettleston CLP
Rachel Fallon Edinburgh Lothian CLP
Helen Griffiths - Wirral South CLP
Valerie Bean - Amber Valley CLP
Abraham Thomas YUSEF : Epping Forest CLP
Mike Braithwaite South Dorset CLP
Richard Purvis - South Shields CLP
Lawrence Wayte - Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Raymond pemberton- BURY CLP
Gail Callaghan Newcastle CLP
Jenny Filby - Streatham CLP
Andrew Tyler. Penrith and the Border CLP
barry hearth neath CLP
Valerie Hearth Neath CLP
James Tonner - Hackney South CLP
Richard Norris - East Yorkshire CLP
William Tabarn West Lancashire CLP
Steve Niblett - Bosworth CLP
Joseph Paglia - Winchester CLP
Henry Logan - Bristol West CLP
Nicholas Franklin - Colchester CLP
Danny Ryder - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Teresa Merrison Southend West CLP
Kathleen Hayes - Finchley and Golders Green
Rod Hogg - Aylesbury CLP
Robert sired - crawley CLP
Louise Channon- St. Ives CLP
Luke Tanner - Hackney
Peter Tattersall Chorley CLP
Mick Sidaway - North Norfolk CLP
Marie Priest Hove CLP
Deane Banning -South East Cambridgeshire
Sandra. Chapman Warwick and Leamington Spa CLP
Neil Adrian Dolby (Winchester)
Connor dyer surrey heath -CLP
Kate Stamp - Wavertree CLP
Sarah Allen Newport West CLP
Susan Finlay Southwark CLP
Jack Hansford - Leeds Central CLP
Jason Delf - Hackney North
Mike Hutt - Norfolk South
Annali Lowdon - South Lakes CLP
Jackie Jackson - Newton Abbot CLP
Roger Jackson - Newton Abbot CLP
Mokhtar Hussain. Leicester east CLP.
Simon Smith Lewisham Deptford CLP
Peter Burgess, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Melissa Biro - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Daniel Nolan - Sefton
James Wright - Keighley CLP
Anne Dove - Brentwood CLP
Cllr Sasha Das Gupta - East Ham CLP
Robbie Hunt - Battersea CLP
Sarah Bell - North East Derbyshire CLP
Paul Thorne North Devon CLP
Alex Mangold - Ceredigion
Christine Stringer Walsall North CLP
Bob Baylis - South Norfolk CLP
Geoff Lee - Harwich and North Essex CLP
Liam Dourley Halton CLP
Robin Jackson - Banbury CLP
Murray Sackwild - Saffron Walden CLP
Marco Hollando - Penrith CLP
David Warner - Charnwood CLP
Susan Carlyle. Dover&Deal
Billy Harding, Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Frank Smyth-Britt Corby CLP
Bill Phillips Southsea Hants
Mat Anderson - Nottingham East CLP
Brian Salisbury Sheffield South East CLP
Carol Chalmers - Brighton Pavilion CLP
Graham Hygate - Hall Green CLP
Mark Anderson - Bradford West CLP
Ray Allott - Don Valley CLP
Peter MCHOUGH - Runcorn CLP
Piers Culpan - Bristol West CLP
Andreas Wittel - Nottingham East CLP
Aakash Naik - Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP
Edward Roworth - Manchester Withington CLP
Lucy McNally- East Surrey CLP
Michael Manning Leigh CLP
Kath Dunbar Lewisham Deptford CLP
Sophie Askew - York CLP
Sam Berrisford - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Jim Ellis - Rugby CLP
Peter Walker Bristol West CLP
Cllr Theresa Byrne - Ealing Central and Acton
Keith Jackson - Sheffield Heeley CLP
Robert Clarke - Charnwood CLP
Sean Hurley - Llanelli CLP
Stephen Benson - Weaste & Seedley CLP
Malcolm Palfrey - Wealden CLP
Paul Critchley - Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Lynne Irving - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Terry Baines - Pudsey CLP
Jed Forward - Bradford West CLP
Luke Hanna - Gedling CLP
Gerri Ellis -Walthamstow CLP
Matt Hurst Liverpool Riverside CLP
Malcolm Richardson - Orpington CLP
Lee Beadnall, Stockton - CLP
Sergio Sepulveda Stockwell CLP
Jenny Campbell Blaydon CLP
Stephen Yeo (Eynsham branch Witney LP)CLP)
Paul Davies - Oldham East CLP
Mohammad Asghar - Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Sophia James - Reading East CLP
Derek Mantle - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
stephen mitchell milton keynes CLP
Alan Walker, Liverpool Walton CLP
Andy Gilpin - Reading West CLP
John Wright - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Matthew Grogan - Ilford North CLP
Ed Blundell -Honiton & Tiverton CLP
James Butler - Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP
Daniel Solomon - Leeds NE CLP
Rita Packford St Ives CLP
James Lee Jarrow CLP
Dan Judelson Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Dennis Parker Haltemprice & Howden C.L.P
Paul Gould W.Dorset CLP
Cllr Paul Merry. Leyton and WAnstead CLP.
Gill Hay - Dumfries and Galloway CLP
Simon Heywood - North East Derbyshire CLP
Peter Sandham - Hemsworth CLP
Dennis Farrell Shipley CLP
Christopher Sandham - Hemsworth CLP
Vera-Anne Anderson - Welwyn Hatfield CLP Melanie Hall Waveney CLP
George Hall Waveney CLP
Keith Russell - Hull North CLP
Anita Leaker - Withington CLP
Tom King - Walthamstow CLP
Moyra McCarthy - East Yorkshire CLP
Liam Penny - York CLP
Gary Heather - Islington North CLP
Paul Hayes - Runneymede and Weybridge CLP
Elizabeth Fry - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Nick McAlpin - Exeter CLP
Kathleen Jowitt - Cambridge CLP
Kevin Hennessy Coventry NW CLP
Philip Featherstone - Stockport Cheadle Hulme CLP
Bill Lawrence - Don Valley CLP
Liam Shaw - Oxford East CLP
Derek W Foote - Chichester CLP
Michael Forrester - Doncaster Central CLP
Brian Croft - Ealing Central and Acton CLP
James Hall - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Claire Hall - Oxford East CLP
James Jackson - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Graham Ward - Loughborough CLP
Lynda Dunn Hull North CLP
John Rennie - Monmouth CLP
William Phillips - Brikenhead CLP
Paul George Waveney CLP
Don Stein - Hastings & Rye CLP
Lesley Leader- Wolverhampton South West
Steve Roberts - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Philip Pearson - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Brian Croft - Ealing Central & Acton CLP
Jan Ryder, Coventry North East CLP
Kevin Piper - Aylesbury CLP
Tatiana Storie Wells CLP
Sofia L - Blackley & Broughton CLP
Dr David Berry - Southampton Itchen
Christopher Newton - Nottingham East CLP
Robert Doyle - North Islington CLP
Mike Rowley - Oxford East CLP
Grahame Jones - Newport East clp.
Adrian Whitwell Sheffield south CLP
Anne Gill - Gravesham CLP
Clare Willison - Faversham and mid-Kent CLP
Lynne Saunders- Barnsley East CLP
Chris ankers flintshire south clp
Caroline Kitching - Newbury CLP
Ron Wallwork-East Devon CLP
Hannah Sawtell Nottingham East CLP
Milena Stapleton - Stockport CLP
Ursula Blumenthal - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Fiona Urquhart - Labour International
Karen Kirkwood Midlothian North & Musselburgh CLP
Colin Bedford - North Somerset CLP
Phillip Gromski - Worcester CLP
Trish Ballantyne - South Derbyshire
David james wells - Erdington CLP
Rozanne Ferber- Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
Iain Simms - Falkirk East CLP
Arron Maclean - Clwyd West
Chris Reid - Hyndburn CLP
Aaron Scott-Carter - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
Julie Davies - Bridgend
Roy Thorley - Boston CLP
Matthew Carter - Chester CLP
Ewa Thorley - Boston CLP
Chris Wood - Hartlepool CLP
Martin Timson - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Aaron McConnell - Bexhill & Battle CLP
Peter Schofield - Barnsley CLP
Lillie Southall - Halifax
Sean Cummins - Manchester Withington CLP
James Williams - Swansea East
Olivia Hamill - Bradford East
Chris Gravell - Milton Keynes North CLP
Yasmina Bennani - Brentford and Isleworth
Carol Willis - Harrogate and Knaresborough CLP
Max Murrell - Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner CLP
Helen Boden - Blaenau Gwent CLP
Jim Sherriff - Highlands
Caroline Robinson - Highlands
Sue Griffiths - Blaydon CLP
Michael Walker - Leyton & Wanstead CLP
Eric Walrond - Truro and Falmouth CLP
Matthew Dillon - West Yorkshire CLP
David Brennan - NW Regional Board, Wirral West CLP
Gary Brooke - Bury South CLP
David Robertson - Morley & Outwood CLP
Merlin Cox - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Cath Chirgwin - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Anna Pretty - West Dorset CLP
Angharad Hopkinson - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Abdallah Al-Ammari - Clackmannanshire and Dunblane CLP
Jim Deen - Worthing West CLP
Cllr Rakhia Ismail - Islington South & Finsbury
Barbara Gleave - Wirral West CLP
Michael Carney - Wavertree CLP
Gaynor Austin - Aldershot CLP
Melias Clarkson - North Cornwall CLP
Phil Wilson - Wirral West CLP
Carl Browne - Wirral South
Chris Trust - Wirral West CLP
Oliver Thomas - St Ives CLP
Paul Baldwin - South Swindon CLP
James Paylor - Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP
Jack Senior - York Outer CLP
Chrissie Linnell - Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Richard Comaish - Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Lindsey Burke - Rochester & Strood CLP
M Hitchcock - Portsmouth South CLP
Miss E Horton - Wirral South CLP
Andrew Fox-Hewitt - Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Ms Alexis Turner - Kensington and Fulham CLP
Bill Mackay - Southgate CLP
Martin Morris- Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Georgina Arapi - Stoke on Trent South CLP
Edmond Arapi - Stoke on Trent South CLP
Maria Arapi - Stoke on Trent South CLP
Ursula Osborne - North Dorset CLP
Jacob Crompton - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Paul Shipton - Twickenham CLP
Neil Heywood - Walton Liverpool CLP
Ian Walker - CLP Secretary, Worthing West
Patrick Moore - Sefton Central CLP.
Amen Tesfay - Enfield North CLP (Youth Officer)
Jonathon Monger - Bracknell CLP
Geraint Woodgate - Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Mark Eyre - Stirling CLP
Ben Hetchin- Hornchurch and Upminster CLP
Jon Clay - Vauxhall CLP
Joseph Walton - Bristol West CLP
Jean-Christophe Gimblett - Wealden CLP
Gareth Bentley - Peckham and Camberwell CLP
Karen Dean - Stretford and Urmston CLP
Irfan Khan- Bedford CLP
Lee Loughnane - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Tom Williams- Southampton Test CLP
Paul Barbour - East Devon CLP
Stuart Wood - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Mollie Marchant - Labour Member Edinburgh South
Lee Malcolmson - Fareham CLP
Kolin O'Brien - Mid-Norfolk CLP
Sam Coleman - Bexhill & Battle CLP
Thomas Whittle - South Ribble
Ruth Dunne - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
John Danton - South Thanet CLP
Ethan Dunne - Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Ellen Buddle - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
David Harper - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Peter Rees - Epping Forest CLP
Nicki Kindersley - Cardiff North CLP
Max Wellington - Sheffield Central CLP/Wokingham CLP
Michael Hawkes-Southern - Newton Abbot CLP
Simon Bryan - Ipswich CLP
Steve Cunningham - Banbury and Bicester CLP
Tim Warner - Clacton CLP
Kahil Ali - Ealing CLP
Dan Alexander - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Ronnie Dungan - Stevenage
Ilona Taylor-Conway - Coventry CLP
Neil Roby - Thanet South CLP
Chris Hartmann - Limehouse and Poplar
Henry Baker - Greenwich CLP
Callum Wheeler - Stevenage CLP
Tiernán Mac Cárthaigh - Northern Ireland CLP
Mark Whyatt - Colne Valley CLP
James Taylor - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Hallum Cowell - Cardiff CLP
Joe Eyers - High Wycombe CLP
Sue Doosey - Leeds West CLP
Mark Taylor - Stevenage CLP
Brian Jones - Ladywell CLP
Joel McInally- City of Durham CLP
Helen Silman - West Worthing CLP
Paul Upfield - East Hull CLP
Abid Mian - Carshalton & Wallington CLP
Richard Barrett - Glasgow Anniesland CLP
Michelle O'Neill - Cardiff west CLP
Ben van der Merwe - Oxford East CLP
Greg Oldfield - Halton CLP
Carole Reeves - City of Durham CLP
Lee Gardiner - Basingstoke CLP
Stephen Burns - Cardiff South CLP
Greg Kyriakides - Hove & Portslade CLP
Chris York Corby & East Northants CLP
Dr Andy Harvey - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Clive E Constance Durham City CLP
Ben Blackwell - Manchester Central CLP
Gareth Jones - Delyn CLP
Dean Lawrence - Wealden CLP
Susan Davies - Llewellyn CLP
Jennifer Frost - Stoke North CLP
Mark Beckett - Suffolk South CLP
Ahmed Seedat - Bolton West CLP
John Hartung - West Dorset CLP
Stephen Thomas - Vale of Glamorgan CLP
Michael Tyrone Shortt- Cambridge CLP
Diana Basterfield, Stroud CLP
Andy Treacher, Stroud CLP
David Humphries - Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP
Bernadette Stokoe - Chichester CLP
Andrew Miller - Lewes CLP
Andrew Warburton - Labour International CLP
James Dykstra - Wavertree CLP
C Sweeney - Halton CLP
Carl Wain - South Leicestershire CLP
Alex Brent - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Muhammad Amin - Leicester East CLP
Paulette Ross - Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Julian Morley - Bridlington CLP
Tara Carroll - Stockport CLP
Joel McInally- City of Durham CLP
Helen Silman - West Worthing CLP
Paul Upfield - East Hull CLP
Abid Mian - Carshalton & Wallington CLP
Richard Barrett - Glasgow Anniesland CLP
Michelle O'Neill - Cardiff west CLP
Ben van der Merwe - Oxford East CLP
Greg Oldfield - Halton CLP
Carole Reeves - City of Durham CLP
Lee Gardiner - Basingstoke CLP
Stephen Burns - Cardiff South CLP
Greg Kyriakides - Hove & Portslade CLP
Chris York Corby & East Northants CLP
Dr Andy Harvey - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Clive E Constance Durham City CLP
Ben Blackwell - Manchester Central CLP
Gareth Jones - Delyn CLP
Dean Lawrence - Wealden CLP
Susan Davies - Llewellyn CLP
Jennifer Frost - Stoke North CLP
Mark Beckett - Suffolk South CLP
Ahmed Seedat - Bolton West CLP
John Hartung - West Dorset CLP
Stephen Thomas - Vale of Glamorgan CLP
Michael Tyrone Shortt- Cambridge CLP
Diana Basterfield, Stroud CLP
Andy Treacher, Stroud CLP
David Humphries - Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP
Bernadette Stokoe - Chichester CLP
Andrew Miller - Lewes CLP
Andrew Warburton - Labour International CLP
James Dykstra - Wavertree CLP
C Sweeney - Halton CLP
Carl Wain - South Leicestershire CLP
Alex Brent - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Muhammad Amin - Leicester East CLP
Paulette Ross - Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Julian Morley - Bridlington CLP
Tara Carroll - Stockport CLP
Edward Williamson - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Chris Old - Brecon and Radnor CLP
Phil Butt - Thornbury and Yate CLP
Hilary Schan-Martyn - Mid Sussex CLP
Caroline Pemberton - North Somerset CLP
David Molony - Beckenham CLP
Josephine Grahl - West Ham CLP
David Tennyson-Workington CLP
Cath Fletcher - Isle of Wight CLP
Ali Fisher Leeds West CLP
Alice Schofield - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Gregory Fowler - Sheffield Central CLP
Paul Corry - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Kathy Tsola - Sutton & Cheam CLP
Lindis Percy Knaresborough & Harrogate CLP
Mrs Moughan Orpington CLP
Rachel McDonald - Cheadle CLP
Ann Abbott North. Dorset
Ronald Walton - Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Jacky Ivimy - Westminster North
David Bevan - Clwyd West
Helen Cherry - NWCambs
Norman Sigrist - Tunbridge Wells
Danielle Johnson - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Julian Dunn Ribble Valley CLP
Jack Bloomfield - Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Carol Briselden- Lewisham East CLP
John dunn Coventry south
Mike Carter Scarborough and Whitby CLP
Arvin Araghi - Cheadle CLP
Mike Stuchbery - Luton North CLP
Andrew Weller - North West Hampshire
Maria Phippen - Tamworth CLP
Amanda Webster Jones - South Hull CLP
Steven Whitby - Cambridge CLP
Natasha Brown - Chipping Barnet CLP
Danny Tye - Barnsley Central CLP
James Jardine - Richmond Park CLP
K. Larsen - South Shields CLP
Mr Christopher Larsen - South Shields CLP
Ben Taylor - Brighton CLP
Conor Muller - York Central CLP
David Rees - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Matt Edmondson - Scarborough & Whitby CLP
Scott Russell - Cumbernauld and Kilsyth CLP
Jason Hill - Stoke-on-Trent North & Kidsgrove CLP
Tom Davies – Walthamstow CLP
Mark Pritchard - Vale of Glamorgan CLP
David Hogg Stoke South CLP
Emma Gell - Chelmsford CLP
Peter Sutcliffe - Brighton Kemptown CLP
Andrew Roscamp - Rother Valley CLP
Ron Evans- Runcorn CLP
Cornelius Egan Morley and Outwood
Henry Meredith- Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
Marilyn Kick Bridgwater CLP
Gwen Davies Swansea West CLP
Jeff Booker - Chichester
Heather Raisbeck - Riverside CLP
Samuel Harris - Wyer Forest CLP
D.Heslop gateshead clp
Calvin Shell - Salford & Eccles CLP
Ed Parkinson North Herefordshire
Peter Mitchell - Newcastle Upon Tyne East CLP
Andy Watters Preselli Pembrokeshire CLP
Matthew Symonds - Hackney North CLP
Chris Ellis Brighton Pavilion CLP
Laila Coleman Enfield North
Jake Harrington - Lincoln CLP
Tomas Fitton-wilson - Basingstoke and Dean CLP
Liam Dourley - Halton CLP
Paul Bolton - Perth North CLP
Calum Nichols - North Norfolk CLP
Sara Steele - Cardiff CLP
Rupert Higham - Reading East CLP
Gail Robertson - Wimbledon CLP
Angela Miguel - Brent Central CLP
Sunny Banerjee - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Alexander Buggie - Isle of Wight CLP
Christina Poole - Enfield North CLP
Jonathan Jones - Torbay CLP
Sally Parvin - Esher and Walton CLP
Frances Turtle - Wirral South CLP
Mark Campbell - Suffolk Coastal CLP
j.sinclair hyndburn clp
Corey Davies - Manchester Central CLP
James Burns - Newham CLP
Gareth Sheridan - Edinburgh Western CLP
Si Vanderbelt - Wavertree CLP
Nicholas Jory - Plymouth CLP
Sue Owen - Oxford CLP
Andy Burke - Bournemouth East CLP
Tom Pottrill - Stourbridge CLP
Anna Mills - East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Steven Fairless - Newcastle North CLP
Peter Craven - Blackley and Broughton CLP
Jack Cran - Kingswood CLP
Andrew Tempest - Tottenham CLP
Catherine Glenton Northumberland CLP
Ben Rigden - Folkestone & Hythe CLP
Tracy Rigley - Glasgow Pollok CLP
Joan Green - South Cambs CLP
Ben Olsen - Kensington CLP
Julie Templeton - Carlisle CLP
Katy Jago - Cardiff West CLP
Caoimhe Coiley - Garston and Halewood CLP
Terry Johnson - Wirral West CLP
Susan Edwards - Rushcliffe CLP
Maariyah Qureshi - Ilford North CLP
Alec Mezzetti - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
John Riches - Brighton Pavilion CLP
Jennie Musson - New Forest East CLP
Ben Smith - Selby & Ainsty CLP
Dave Roberts - Newark and Sherwood CLP
Sean Tuck - Vale of Glamorgan CLP
Kath Harper - Halewood and Garston CLP
Andrew Knowles - Bristol West CLP
Calum Norval - Bristol West CLP
Neil Hopkinson - Saffron Walden CLP
Sandra Hopkinson - Saffron Walden CLP
Anthony White - Erewash CLP
Emily Hopkinson - Saffron Walden CLP
Chris Simpson - Ludlow CLP
Hassan Parchizadeh - Fareham CLP
Jonathan Gardiner - Kettering CLP
Jonathan David Gardner - Oxford East CLP
Norman Sigrist - Tunbridge Wells CLP
Mim Chadwick - Exeter CLP
Mary Montgomery Bristol CLP
George McGarvey ~ Sefton Central CLP
Carole Reeves City of Durham CLP
Joe Markland - Bristol West CLP
Robert Palk, Leicester West CLP
Mileva Bella Bond Oxford CLP
Chris Waugh - Leeds Central CLP
Gaynor Beesley -Ludlow
Ian Woodhouse - North East Beds
Gus Gilder - South Swindon CLP
Katie Bottomley -Bradford CLP
Reuben Smith Burrell - Bath CLP
Deborah STANSFIELD blyth clp
Christine Rimmer - Broxtowe CLP
Zoe Broadhurst Stockport CLP
Julie Wintrup Newbury CLP
Karen Scott - Caerphilly CLP
Brenda McKevitt Doncaster North CLP
Elizabeth Curtis CLP Cumnock
Steve Farr - West Ham CLP
Eric Wenman - North Norfolk CLP
Vicky Hall - Bolton South East CLP
Pete Widlinski - Middlesbrough
Sheila Gray - Middlesbrough
Guy Rubin - Harrow East CLP
Barry Oleary Bletchley East CLP
Kathleen Johnstone Leeds north east CLP
shabbir issa leicester clp
alli issa leicester clp
aneez issa leicester clp
Robert Jeffery Orpington CLP
Aidan Hanlon - Liverpool Riverside CLP
simon wallis chorley CLP
Cai Rutigaliano Dwyfor/Meirionydd
Rachel Krengel - Croydon Central CLP
Ann Horn - Olney CLP
Nikhil Venkatesh - Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Peter Mitchell West Derby CLP
D. Gibson-Beale - South Sefton CLP
Lola Fayokun - Hornchurch and Upminster
Liz Bell - Newbury CLP
Corin Bamford - Colne Valley CLP
Jean Starling, Tonbridge & Malling
Paul Shipton - Twickenham CLP
Leigh Webb - Swansea CLP
Kevin Locklin Wellington, Shropshire
Christo Peach - Dudley South
Dr Ari Heim - Banbury CLP
Kevin Tolhurst - Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Terry Watts. Hodge Hill. Birmingham
Faiza Mahmood - Lewisham East CLP
Joseph Baxter - Broxtowe CLP
Colin Hughes-Rowlands Northampton
Eloise Harris - Bethnal Green and Bow CLPMartin Crundall - Macclesfield
Robert Deakin - Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Scott Reeve Chelsea & Fulham CLP
Neil Kendall - Havant CLP
Caroline Saville Cities of London and Westminster
Jon Lansman - Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP
Tom Mycock - Leicester West CLP
Nick Varley St Helens North
Paul Shipton - Twickenham CLP
David Clark Aylesbury CLP
Kevin Walsh - Weaver Vale CLP
Joe Sorrell - Rochford and Southend East CLP
Sacha Marten - Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Dagmar Makara - Bolton SE
James Yeowell - North Swindon CLP
Brian Woods - Preston CLP
Julie Woods Preston CLP
Rachel Keys - Worthing West CLP
Dan Porter - Charnwood CLP
Ong Chuan Lee - Exeter CLP
Martin Stears-Handscomb - North East Herts CLP
John Martin Worthing West CLP
Jennifer Martin Worthing West CLP
Noanie Heffron - Renfrewshire
Tom McCormick- Clwyd South CLP
Paul McGarry - Sheffield Heeley CLP
Andrea Pisauro - Oxford west & Abingdon
Cate Toward South Basildon and East Thurrock
Lesley Goddard Gosport CLP
Sara Hyde -Islington South CLP
Henry Hobson - Swansea West
Lynne Jones - Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
Chris Crawford - Lewes CLP
David Cullen - Witney CLP
Samuel Theodoridi - Worthing West CLP
Adam Dale - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Eileen Powrie . Stall and Hyde
Joe Walsh Bootle CLP
Sue Walsh Bootle CLP
Catherine Dale - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Stuart Cairney - Halifax CLP
Jay Millington Bury north CLP
Kieran Knowles - Macclesfield CLP
Alexander Shanks - Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Mo Porter - Glenrothes CLP
Vicky Russell Cambridge CLP
Ken Elmer - broxtowe CLP
Frances Mason - Harlow CLP
Bryan Hutchison - Poole CLP
Benedict Lawrence Orpington CLP
Marion Dilley, North West Durham CLP
Will Peck - Milton Keynes
Edward Inman - Islington North CLP
David Bushell - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Sue Camm Stoke North
Stella Clarkson Halifax CLP
Kathleen Johnson - North Somerset
Paul Miller - Meriden CLP
Jack Hannam Pearson Bradford West CLP
Sarah Cole - Streatham CLP
Ameur Bayar - Manchester Central CLP
Chris Batchelor - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Ann Johnson - West Bromwich West CLP
Tim Cooper - Nottingham East CLP
Keith John Lewis - Streatham CLP
Alison Bean - Tottenham CLP
Nicholas Martin - Stratford-upon-avon CLP
Josef Dillon - Burnley CLP
Alastair Thomas - Calder Valley CLP
Tom Fisher - Walthamstow CLP
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