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Chemistry Course Enrollment Request Form
Please do the following BEFORE filling out this form:

1. Talk with your academic advisor.

2. Add the open lecture and/or lab sections to your shopping cart in MyPack Portal. Make sure there are seats available in the course(s) you select. If there are not, we may be able to add you to a wait list if one is available.

3. Make sure enrolling in the course will not put you over 18 credit hours or you will need to drop something or speak with your advisor regarding the 18 credit hour limit. (For example, if you are already enrolled in 16 credit hours and want to add a 3 credit hour chemistry course, we will NOT be able to add you to the course unless your advisor has lifted the 18 credit hour limit or you drop a course).

4. Degree seeking students should have electronic copies of unofficial transcripts and test scores that satisfy the course prerequisites sent to NCSU. We can enroll you while we wait for these things to post by checking your unofficial transcript.
For Non-Degree seeking students or students whose transcripts have not posted, please send an electronic copy of your unofficial transcript to

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If you wish to be enrolled in CH 101, have you taken and passed the Chemistry Placement Exam?
If you are asking to be enrolled in CH 101 and you have taken and passed the CPE, please indicate the lecture and recitation section(s) you would like - be sure there are seats available in the sections you request.
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What Chemistry lecture and/or lab sections are you asking to be enrolled in? List the section(s) in order of preference. If the lecture also includes problem sessions, be certain to indicate your preferred problem session as well as lecture section. Also, make sure you know what the prerequisites are and that you have successfully completed them. *
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