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CPR Certification Course (Pre-intern) - May 2018
*This course is for those who are awaiting internship appointment with the Ministry of Health in May/June 2018
Please submit application once. Closing date is 08.05.18 .
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Course date & Venue *
Those who have done ALS / CPR (NHSL) one day course of College of Anaesthesiologists within last one year "are not needed to attend this course". Only for eligible candidates getting Internship in June 2018/ERPM qualified
Full name *
As appear on your ID/ Birth Certificate ( E.g Dimuth Eranga Premaratne)
Surname followed by Initials *
e.g. Premaratne D.E.
How the name should appear on the CPR certificate *
e.g. D.E. Premaratne or Dimuth Eranga Premaratne
Preferred first name *
e.g. Eranga
Mobile number *
University ( MBBS/MD) *
If your answer is 'other' to above question, state the university
e.g Rostov State Medical Uni- Russia (Only for EPRM qualified overseas medical graduates)
Have you done ALS/ILS/CPR courses conducted by the college of Anaesthesiologists within last 12 months *
Have you done any other CPR courses as a Medical Student *
CPR course while in the medical school
Meal Prefernace *
Any comments/Requests
e.g: Justification for change of venue
I hereby confirm that I am awaiting Internship appointment with the Ministry of Health in May/June-2018 *
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