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Indiana School for the Deaf - State Fair 2018

Link to view VLOG :

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly Lowe and I will be coordinating the time slot/shift schedule again this year!

I want to say that I am excited about this awesome fund raising opportunity for the high school athletes during the annual State Fair event!

We have a goal, the funds earned will go towards Athletic Department for the high school athletes,, the monetary earned will be going towards travel expenses as we are expecting to have a lot of out of state travels this year!

We are looking for a lot of volunteers to help us with our little concession stand. However there is a catch:

- there will be a limit of two (non sibling) high school child sponsored per shift -
only one parent can represent one child, if you have two kids that you want to earn fundraising for, you will need to signup twice.

- your first pick on the slot dates and times will be automatically yours, if you chose more than one - it will be put on hold. We are wanting to give a fair opportunity to everyone! If no one volunteers on the second time slot you chose, an email or text will be sent to let you know.

There will be two slots available per shift which means two families can get together and fund-raise for their child from 12 pm - 5 pm or 5 pm - 10 pm. Two shifts are allotted per kid..

For more detailed information in ASL, please take a moment of your time to watch Paul Wood's vlog.

So, volunteer, volunteer, volunteer & lets make this new school year start off with a BANG!

**if you have any questions, please feel free to text me at 3179359393 for a quick response!



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