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Operation Make Lemonade: Transforming white supremacist rallies into anti-racist fundraisers
In the wake of Charlottesville, The Daily Constitutional is compiling information on upcoming white supremacist rallies. In order to respect the First Amendment while still discouraging white supremacy, The Daily Constitutional will be transforming their hateful rallies/marches into fundraisers for anti-racist causes, along the lines of a strategy that has been pursued in Germany with success:

In order to do this, we need to figure out where/when the rallies are and decide which ones are worth targeting. Then we need
(1) to pick a relevant anti-racist cause
(2) to organize people to pledge to donate a small amount of money for every mile the white supremacists walk/for every white supremacist who shows at a rally/for every swastika they display (whatever seems relevant)
(3) to organize people to attend these rallies/marches with signs informing the white supremacists that every move they make means money is being donated to causes that stand against them.

The first step is keeping tabs on when and where these rallies are going to be. We need eyes and ears everywhere to keep track, so I invented this form. Questions/comments can be directed to

Email address *
When (time/date) is the white supremacist rally supposed to take place? *
Where is the white supremacist rally supposed to take place? (Obviously city/state are helpful, but if you know exactly where they are convening, so much the better.) *
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Please include any links/images of posters that give details about this event, so that we can investigate and give information to counterprotesters.
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Are you aware of an organization heading up a counterprotest? If yes, which organization? Contact information would be extremely helpful, if you have it.
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Do you know people within two hours of the site of the protest? Are you willing to mobilize your network (via social media, e-mail, telephone, etc.) to ask them to attend?
If you were provided with a shareable link where people could sign up online, would you be willing to mobilize your network (via social media, e-mail, telephone, etc.) to ask your friends and acquaintances to donate a small sum of money for every white supremacist who attends a rally/for every swastika displayed/for every mile marched? The point here is not to ask people to make huge financial contributions. Rather, it is to use the fact of lots of small donations to communicate to the white supremacists that most of the country is against them, and that their actions are backfiring by helping causes they hate.
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