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Co-living on planett!
『Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it. 』- Dee Hock




planett located in Tainan, the oldest city of Taiwan, famous for its friendliness, cultural vibe and delicious food in Asia. Buses run hourly from Taoyuan airport to Tainan, 3-5 hours drive, costs from 7-17 EU.

Imagine, waking up bathing in the sunshine in the oldest city of Taiwan. Get slicked up, walk downstairs, make yourself a simple but tasty breakfast which come in only 1 or 2 bucks, traditional Taiwanese or European. Aliens gather around the lounge in the living room or their desk, having small talk about plans and new ideas of coming new days. You may go directly to the balcony holding tea and sandwich, watching the city beneath and enjoying an inspirational daybreak, or simply go to the lounge and join the lively conversation. Furthermore, you might want to refresh with new mind; our cabin chief will provide you the free bike and magical map, or sometimes free tours. When you are ready to create, alien mentors and alien friends will listen to you, providing viable suggestions with their local experience to make your creative works not only easier and viable, but economical. In a nutshell, Planett is an inspirational connector where aliens would enjoy sharing opinion and excitement, cooking idea, while exploring new territory in the journey of creation.

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