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Film Hub Scotland Membership Application Form
We currently have over 200 members including cinemas, film societies, film festivals, multi-arts venues and pop-up initiatives. Film Hub Scotland membership is FREE and offers many benefits:

Funding opportunities - schemes for audience development and bursaries for training and development, in line with FAN objectives
Development opportunities - access to training & professional development courses and events; peer-to-peer mentoring and support
Networking opportunities - events, conferences and meetings hosted by the Hub and its partners, and across FAN
Collaboration opportunities - participation in joint programming and audience development projects, and regional and national initiatives with reach and profile
Advice and guidance - accessible support about a range of topics including programming and audience development activity
Audience insight - access to up to date research and market intelligence on audiences and film exhibition trends
Marketing support - promotion through Hub and FAN web sites, mailing lists and social media channels
Advocacy - the chance to be part of a stronger collective voice for film exhibition and audiences

Please make sure you have read Film Hub Scotland Membership Guidelines before applying:
and if you have any questions please get in touch
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Additional Contacts
Please provide contact name and email address for the relevant person within your organisation for each of the following areas, if different from the Main Contact so we can ensure relevant opportunities are shared with the appropriate person.
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