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Healing Justice Community Health Assessment (Final Survey)



We believe community conflict, community division and disenfranchisement are maintained by systems we live under—called systems of oppression. This community health assessment will ask you questions about institutions that support systems of oppression like white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism, abelism and capitalism.

Specifically, this community health assessment will ask you about:
Community Violence
Criminal Justice or Punishment
Intimate Partner or Domestic Violence
Shelters, Housing, and Property Ownership
Employment and Income
Foster Care and Child Welfare
Legal System
Transportation and Mobility
Immigration and Migration


H.O.L.L.A!’s Healing Justice Movement is a project of the Youth Organizing Collective (Y.O.C.), the movement arm of H.O.L.L.A.! (How Our Lives Link Altogether). The goal of the project is to develop youth-led community healing strategy to bring youth of color and our communities together and heal from trauma.

Healing Justice is about our right

to emotional growth and internal healing. We refuse to remain traumatized and isolated: we choose instead to heal by building community through grassroots and intergenerational strategies. We are working to (1) internally heal from wounds inflicted by interlocking systems of oppression (i.e., internalized, interpersonal, institutional and ideological oppression), and (2) dismantle institutions, laws, policies, practices and ideas that maintain and perpetuate harm and violence in our everyday experiences by transforming ourselves and each other. We believe healing transpires when our communities are deeply engaged in dialogue about cultural history and how power functions in our community. Healing happens when our communities are committed to building trust, and when individual and community accountability is predicated on protecting the people and the future of our existence.

This youth assessment is an engagement tool for sharing knowledge and was created by youth, young adults and adult leaders from structural disinvested urban communities in New York City who are fighting against the systems of oppression.

We created this assessment because
the grassroots leadership of youth of color from poor and working class urban communities are rarely seriously engaged or included in city-wide developments of policy, law and institutions that have serious consequences for our lives and communities;
to better understand how these laws, policies, and institutions cause harm in our lives;
to identify the healing needs, practices and desires of youth of color;
to better understand what we need to build in order to best provide healing resources for our community.

We promise that everything you share in the survey will be confidential. We promise that everything you tell us will be honored and treated with respect, love and care. We will share back everything we learn/gathered from this survey and our experiences on our organizational website, through city-wide events and written reports.

We would like you to be a part of building this with us. If you want to be more involved with the Healing Justice Movement, please reach out at, and visit our website at

Updates and media related to the Healing Justice Movement can be found here:

The online version of the this assessment can be found here:

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