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AIG Program Parent/Guardian Survey 2017-2018
The annual AIG Program Parent/Guardian Survey is to be provided to all parents (K-12) of identified gifted students to complete.
I am the parent/guardian of a gifted student(s): *
My student(s) has had a positive experience participating in the AIG program. *
Please rate the following statements in regards to the AIG identification and services (district and/or school as indicated).
I am aware of the district's 2016-19 AIG Plan based on the NC Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program Standards.
The RCSS district AIG identification process is clear, equitable, and comprehensive. *
The AIG identification process at my student's school(s) is clear, equitable, and comprehensive. *
I am given the opportunity annually to review the documentation (i.e. Differentiated Education Plan - DEP) regarding the identification process and service options for my student(s). *
My student(s) is being appropriately challenged within the regular education classroom. *
My student(s) is being appropriately challenged by the AIG specialist (elementary), cluster ELA/Math teachers (middle), Honors/AP teachers (high). *
My student's social/emotional needs related to giftedness are addressed. *
My student(s) is aware of extra-curricular programs and events that enhance and further develop the needs and interests of gifted students. *
My student(s) is exposed to challenging, rigorous instruction that is differentiated to meet the unique needs of gifted students. *
Overall, I am pleased with the AIG program at my student's school. *
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