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Prediction market wizard for Gnosis
What will be the topic of your market? *
"Cricket bets in India", "Predictions on supreme court decisions in the US", "Predictions on the Billboard charts" are a few examples
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What will be the primary reasons for people to make predictions on your site?
What will users use to bet on your site?
Please write down 3 example events users could predict on - Example 1
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Example 2
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Example 3
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Please describe your average user
Some relevant questions would be: What platform (mobile, desktop, ...) would they prefer? What are their interests? How computer/blockchain affine are they? What is a preferred payment method?
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Are there already competitors out there?
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Do you already have a community or a you planning to build a new one? *
If you have a community please add a link to it
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Do you have/know a data source to resolve the events you are planning to offer? *
When a event occurs somehow the outcomes needs to be published in the system so that all predictions can be resolved
If you have a data source please add a link
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Most topics would benefit from a customization of the user interface. What are your plans here?
If you would like to outsource the customization - what is your budget?
Are you already familiar with legal aspects of this market?
Is there something we should know about you or this project in addition?
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And Finally - how can we contact you?
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