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Challenges (Solution Piece)
This year, we are hacking #HACK with a solution focused challenge piece with Indigitous SG as the challenge owner. Read through the various challenges put forth by various members in the team and back those that you feel an alignment to. The end goal of this experiment is for Indigitous to successful galvanise the community to work and launch a solution that is prayerfully the first of many to come. This will give us a case study as we figure out our role and relationships with various para-churches and churches.

A thought: Many of these ideas sound good but we don't have an existing or ready customer. In view of that, do we want to build in faith or we need more market research?

Challenge Idea - Community Engagement
Solution Type: Portal

Challenge: Activate and empower churchgoers to consistently “volunteer” and reach out to their communities with their talents

Tags: #Community #Connection

Skillsets: Web Dev, UX, Designers, Database, Marketing

Partners Required: Community Partners, Church Partners

Challenge Idea - Information Sharing Across Churches and Parachurches
Solution Type: API or Portal or Blockchain

Challenge: Foster Collaboration between churches/para church organisation and efficiency of information. E.g. Location Amneties, Events Informations, Collaborative Devotions, Christian material, Projects, Call for help (Projects)

Tags: #Sharing #Unity #ChurchSG #Antioch

Skillsets: Web Dev, UX, Software Engineer, Architect, Marketing, PM

Partners Required: Churches, Parachurches

Challenge Idea - Transparency and Accountability in Funding
Solution Type: Blockchain, Web App, API

Challenge: How is money/donations being stewarded in the area of missions? How are funds being managed at the local level and at the organisation level? Can we crowd source funding with transparency and accountability?

Tags: #StewardingMoney #EmpoweringLocalMissions

Skillsets: Blockchain Engineers, Smart Contracts Architect, Strategic, Finance

Partners Required: Mission Organisations

Challenge Idea - Christian Focused Data Repository
Solution Type: API, Information Discovery Portal, Blockchain

Challenge: For digital strategy, data is important. If I'm a Christian Entrepreneur, I need sources of data to make accurate assessments of the challenges faced in the ministry, to create the most impact. How can I get aggregated sources of data that will help me to come up with impactful solutions.

Tags: #DataForChrist #EmpowerBusinessAsMissions

Skillsets: Data Engineers, Software Engineers, Strategic

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Community Engagement
Information Sharing Across Churches and Parachurches
Transparency and Accountability in Funding
Christian Focused Data Repository
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Transparency and Accountability in Funding
Community Engagement
Christian Focused Data Repository
Information Sharing Across Churches and Parachurches
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