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Volunteer for Jagrit-Bharat: Tell Us About You
Thank you for your interest in supporting Jagrit-Bharat effort as a volunteer.
Please provide your contact information and share the topics of your interest matching your capabilities. This way we can decide how to best utilize your time for meaningful/ focused contribution.
By providing your email here, you'll be added to our supporter list to receive updates on internal developments and regular newsletter.
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Type of Help we Need, currently
1. WRITER: You'll help us write and/or pieces for publication
2. ANALYST: You'll focus on analyzing a particular issue of importance in support role or as a lead.
3. ADMIN SUPPORT: You'll help us do miscellaneous administrative tasks for JB. This is sort of open ended support of generalsks, including coordinating with volunteers.
4. CONTENT MANAGER: You'll help gather and organize content for writers and analysts
5. TECHNOLOGY: Graphics designer and website building/ support
6. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYST: You'll help us promote messages on FB, Twitter and help maintain online presence.
7. WHO'S WHO ANALYST: You'll help us build a database of people & organizations who are doing good work for India.
8. VIDEO ANALYST & INFOGRAPHICS CREATOR: You'll analyze/edit videos and create infograhics for promotion and publication
9. CONTRIBUTOR FOR A JB NETWORK ORGANIZATION: You want to support a specific organization via "JB Services for Patriotic Organizations" (we provide a portfolio of services to other organizations doing good work for India)
Identify your contribution type *
Tell us about your topics of interest to support JB work based on the areas of help needed, as mentioned above. Please be specific, as this will help us match you with right kind of work.
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Your ability to deliver *
Tell us about your knowledge, experience, skills, that suggests your ability to deliver on your area(s) of interest for contribution. Please don't just mention a degree name like MBA or B.Tech.
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What's Your Availability? *
Please suggest how's your availability/ schedule flexibility to do your contribution. It'll help us decide on the timeliness and amount of work to assign to you.
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Your Expectations *
Please share your motivation/ expectations to be a JB volunteer. It could be as altruistic as learning & contribution to India with us OR you can very well have a fair expectation like moving from Volunteer to an employee or utilize JB platform to get visibility & credibility in marketplace for your expertise.
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