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Hot Meal and Snack 2017-18 (Semester 1)
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The school has arranged a contract with Exima, to provide breakfast snacks and hot meal lunches for NOVA students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

The contractor commits to abide by the following standards:
• Food is prepared in a HACCP certified kitchen according to prescribed health and safety regulations;
• Food is always fresh and the menu is developed according to latest nutritional research, to provide a balanced diet;
• Students can choose between a breakfast snack or hot meal lunch, or select both. For each day of the week, they can choose one of two hot meal options, which rotate on a 4-week basis;
• Food is served according to the menu selection, and changes are possible only once per semester, when submitted in writing.

Parents agree to:
• Approve the student’s menu selection and make payment for rendering of meal service directly to Exima, according to the issued pro-forma invoice;
• Meet the payment deadline, or accept having their child excluded from the hot meal/snack program;
• Communicate all commendations and complaints to Irena Tanevska (, the cafeteria supervisor.

The cost of the semester Hot Meal plan is 370 euro. The cost of the Breakfast Snack plan is 75 euro. The hot meal and snack service will commence from Monday, September 4th. Payment due date is Friday, September 15th.

All selections are logged electronically, and they are considered final. For any issues regarding menu selection or payment information, please see Ms. Maja Andonova Jokikj, our junior accountant, in HS administration, or contact her by e-mail:, or phone: 3061-807 ext. 119.

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